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Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction: Portal Window, NIL, TreVeyon Henderson



Fact or Fiction - TreVeyon Henderson

In today’s Fact or Fiction, I look at three big recent topics in college football and decide whether the statement is indeed FACT or if it’s FICTION.

Fact or Fiction:

Todd Berry’s transfer portal windows are the right call

Farrell’s take: FICTION

The AFCA executive director mentioned to ESPN that he would like two portal entry windows, one from the last Sunday in November to the early signing period and the other from April 15 to May 1 as these would coincide with recruiting windows for college coaches. Is this a good idea? Nope. It’s too restrictive. The portal being like 7-11 and being open 24 hours a day for 365 days a year is ridiculous but narrowing down a 52 week window to four weeks is insane. Berry isn’t saying kids have to enter and choose their next school in this window as that would be preposterous but the flood of activity and decisions being made by families in these short windows would be rushed. I’m more about longer windows from season’s end to perhaps the late signing date (first Wednesday in February) and then April 1 to June 1. Two windows like this during the peak time is necessary and they need to be much longer than proposed.

Fact or Fiction:

NIL is still five years away

Farrell’s take: FACT

What does this mean? The NIL Summit was held last week and everyone I’ve talked to came away with the same feeling from athletes. No one has a clue what they’re doing yet. Some schools are helping players, some schools aren’t and some can’t because of state laws. It’s a mess. And it won’t be sorted out in my opinion for five years or so — at least. The NCAA let this run amok after pleading with congress to intervene and now conference presidents are being the same federal involvement. And we all know federal involvement takes forever. By the time congress gets involved and uniforms things across all platforms, the NCAA will be out of the football business and who knows what we will have as a structure. All of the NIL companies that popped up are doing their best to help players monetize their name, image and likeness but it’s still scattershot. Last summer when NIL was thrown at everyone, so many people jumped in and lost millions that the market is more cautious now and will be slower to invest. We aren’t in transition yet, we are still in the baby steps stage of NIL.

Fact or Fiction:

TreVeyon Henderson is the best running back in college football

Farrell’s take: FACT

My Farrell50 for running backs is coming after the QB list went a little crazy on social media and I’ll give you a hint — Henderson is No. 1. I love Bijan Robinson and Deuce Vaughn and what they bring to the table, especially in the passing game, but I was blown away by Henderson’s ability last year as a true freshman. Improved depth at running back for the Buckeyes will help him next season get a few needed breathers, which will make him even better and stronger to finish out games. If he stays healthy he could be a guy who could skip his junior season to prepare for the NFL Draft. Keep that in mind.

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