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Cincinnati became the first G5 team to make the college football playoff. The Bearcats lost many key players to the draft and will have a sizable test against the Razorbacks in Fayetteville. Below are the Mike Farrel Sports Picks for this Week 1 matchup. 

Mike Farrell- Arkansas 

The Razorbacks will win this battle at home. 

Cory Lemer- Arkansas 

Cincinnati has lost two straight games to SEC opponents, and the Razorbacks will dominate the rebuilding Bearcats. 

Matt Perkins- Arkansas

Cincinnati has lost many key players on both sides of the ball. I can not imagine they will be able to match the physicality of the Arkansas O-line. The Bearcats always fight, but the Razorbacks are tougher.

Timothy Bailey- Arkansas

Cincinnati's last two losses were against Alabama and Georgia. While Arkansas is not Alabama or Georgia, they will still win due to the lost talent of the Bearcats. 

James DeCarlo- Cincinnati 

Cincinnati and Arkansas are one of my favorite matchups this week. I can honestly see this game going either way. I think Luke Fickell and the Bearcats pull off the upset. 

Kyle Golik- Arkansas

Arkansas wants to slam the door on the CFP crashers. There is a legit dogfight to get an NY6 game, assuming 2 SEC teams make it. Arkansas will win. 

Unnamed Source-Arkansas

KJ Jefferson has got that dog in him. Arkansas players were crying after beating the brakes off Texas A&M last year. Losing to Cincy would be a step back. I think Arkansas can beat anyone if healthy this year. Cincy lost many of its best players to the draft. Arkansas returns many starters and brings in a few stud transfers. Cincy couldn't hang with the SEC last year, and I doubt anything has changed. Give me the Hogs, 42-24.

Luke Brumm-Arkansas 

Cincinnati has lost a lot of production, leading to an easy Arkansas win. 

Noah Dzik- Arkansas

I believe KJ Jefferson and the Razorbacks will expose what the Bearcats lost on defense. Arkansas will win and cover.

Paul Wangsmo- Arkansas

KJ Jefferson is a great QB leading to an Arkansas win. 

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