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Ohio State Continues its Excellent Run on the Recruiting Trail

Ohio State Recruiting

Ohio State Recruiting

The Basics

Ryan Day continues his dominance in recruiting, as they are currently ranked second in the nation overall, but holds the title of highest average ranking per recruit. There are currently 16 commits in the class, with two five-stars, thirteen four-stars, and only one three-star (who is still a top 500 prospect nationally). Day has established Columbus as a premiere destination for recruits and has recruited so well that it almost seems like they aren’t even going after recruits, recruits are going after them. Obviously, that is not the case and the OSU staff is filled with some of the best recruiters in all of college football, but it just goes to show how good this staff is. 

All recruits rankings cited in this article are according to the 2023 Top Football Recruits ( All “Crystal Ball” predictions are via 247 Sports as well. 

Class Overview

  • 6’0 190 WR Brandon Inniss #18 nationally #2 WR
  • 6’2 185 WR Carnell Tate #28 nationally #3 WR
  • 6’5 280 OT Luke Montgomery #42 nationally #4 OT
  • 6’2 195 WR Noah Rogers #51 nationally #9 WR
  • 6’1 190 CB Dijon Johnson #95 nationally #11 CB
  • 6’5 225 TE Ty Lockwood #131 nationally #8 TE
  • 5’11 185 CB Kayin Lee #145 nationally #18 CB
  • 6’2.5 175 S Malik Hartford #149 nationally #8 S
  • 6’0 175 CB Calvin Simpson-Hunt #173 nationally #22 CB
  • 6’4 265 IOL Joshua Padilla #180 nationally #8 IOL
  • 6’0 175 S Cedrick Hawkins #211 nationally #14 S
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  • 6’0.5 175 WR Bryson Rodgers #270 nationally #32 WR
  • 6’0 175 ATH Jermaine Mathews #354 nationally #21 ATH
  • 6’3 260 DL Will Smith #451 nationally #55 DL

Main Takeaways

  • OSU will finish with a top-five class and it would not be crazy to say they will finish top three for sure. If all things go right, the number one class is very much in play as well.
  • Brian Hartline is arguably the best recruiter in the nation. Finishing with three of the top ten wide receivers in the class is incredible, with two ranking in the top three. Having your fourth-best WR in the class still ranking in the top 300 is an insane accomplishment.
  • DL is arguably the biggest concern at the moment and the Buckeyes are still likely to finish with two of the best defensive lineman in the class to accompany DL Will Smith. 

What’s To Come

DL Jason Moore

DL Jason Moore (#53 nationally, #5 DL) is one of the biggest targets remaining for the Buckeyes, not just because of his high ranking, but also due to the fact that there is only one defensive lineman committed as of now. The top player in Maryland has a top 5 of Maryland, Notre Dame, Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan, but it has been rumored that he is basically down to just Notre Dame, OSU, and PSU. OSU has made up ground on ND ever since his official visit the weekend of June 24th, as the Buckeyes have earned multiple crystal balls this past week and are currently the leader.

Opinion: Moore is expected to make a decision sometime in July, boosting my confidence in him and ending up a Buckeye following a strong visit. However, I am somewhat hesitant in saying this due to the confidence of ND and PSU and their ability to land him.

Tackett Curtis

LB Tackett Curtis (#81 nationally, #7 LB) is another major target for OSU, one that they have done well with thus far, as they’ve earned two crystal balls prior to any official visits. Curtis’ final three are the three schools he took officials to OSU, USC, and Wisconsin. 

Opinion: Expected to announce in late July, he’s another prospect I expect to commit to playing in Columbus. However, USC seems to have made up some ground and is seen as a darkhorse, so if he were to commit elsewhere, I’d expect it to be USC rather than Wisconsin. 

John Walker

DL John Walker(#97 nationally, #11 DL) is another big target with crystal ball predictions to OSU. The big lineman from Florida was on the June 24th official visit roster but has also taken officials to Michigan, UCF, and Miami. 

Opinion: Regardless of the crystal balls, I think OSU should not be comfortable in landing the top 100 prospect on July 28th. I think they are the team to beat, but Walker having an official visit scheduled to Florida after his commitment is never a good sign, as even if he commits to the Buckeyes, it shows he is still keeping options open. With that being said, I expect him to commit to OSU on the 28th, but his recruitment is far from over. 

Desmond Umeozulu

EDGE Desmond Umeozulu (#136 nationally, #14 EDGE) is another prospect from Maryland that has been trending OSU ever since his official visit on June 24th. Umeozulu has taken multiple visits prior to the Buckeyes to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pittsburgh. He has hinted at wanting to make a decision prior to his senior season but has expressed his desire to fulfill that final official visit somewhere regardless of if he makes a decision or not. 

Opinion: The Buckeyes have some work to do, as the defensive talent has spoken very highly of his visits to North Carolina and South Carolina. It seems as if Umeozulu is seeking to be in a major role right off the bat, which could be a negative for OSU given their depth chart. I could very well see him ending up at OSU, but wouldn’t be surprised if he went another direction for that very reason. 

Arvell Reese

LB Arvell Reese (#321 nationally, #25 LB) is an in-state prospect that the Buckeyes have been zeroing in on this year. He brings a great athletic ability and also goes to Glenville, a local powerhouse in Ohio. Bringing in talent like Reese would not just bring in a top 25 linebacker prospect, but also improves the Glenville to OSU pipeline. 

Opinion: Although OSU is currently the team to beat, Reese still has a long way to go in his recruitment. The Buckeyes have done all the right things ever since his offer, so I’d expect him to end up in scarlet and gray. 

Miles Walker

OT Miles Walker (#471 nationally, #38 OT) officially visited Columbus on June 10th, where it seems as if he felt at home. OSU has received multiple predictions this past week for the big tackle out of Connecticut. 

Opinion: Walker is expected to make his decision within the next week or two, a reason for my confidence in him choosing the Buckeyes. Although he has made other official visits to Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, and Duke, it seems as if when he makes his decision in due time, it will be to OSU.