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According to, these are the odds for the next NCAA coach to be fired. I've got some thoughts on these lines on where you should be betting your money.

Bryan Harsin, Auburn

Odds: +150 

— Not the best value at these odds but there is a 50/50 chance he’s next.

Geoff Collins, Georgia Tech

Odds: +150 

— He could be fired after a few more games but these odds aren’t juicy enough.

Neal Brown, West Virginia


— I like these odds but wouldn’t risk a ton here as the next to go.

David Shaw, Stanford


— Nah I wouldn’t touch this at all, Stanford won’t fire him at all, much less mid season.

Jeff Scott, USF


— The close loss to Florida keeps him alive so I don’t like these odds.

Jay Norvell, Colorado State


— He’s 3 games into this gig. This is wasted money he’s not going anywhere next.

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Ken Niamatalolo, Navy


— Nah, don’t think they’d do a mid season axe job.

Chip Kelly, UCLA


— What in the hell? Like seriously, what?

Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M


— He’d have to have a really bad stretch the next two months.

Karl Dorrell, Colorado


— Mash the hell out of these odds. This could be easy money.

Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern


— Um, no. Never.

Scott Satterfield, Louisville


— Not bad odds here for a small play.

Steve Sarkisian, Texas


— Not next save your money.

Marcus Freeman, Notre Dame


— 3 games in? At Notre Dame? Please. This is dumb.