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Last year NC State upset Clemson at home in an overtime thriller. Clemson is hungry and ready for revenge as they look to continue rolling after a huge victory against Wake Forest last week. Many experts believe the Wolfpack will be a playoff team this year, making this game one with playoff implications. Below are the Mike Farrell Sports staff picks for this week five matchup.

Mike Farrell- Clemson

The Wolfpack commit turnovers leading to a close Clemson win.

Cory Lemer- NC State

Clemson will again be missing defensive starters, and I think the Wolfpack will expose that this week.

Matt Perkins- NC State

I picked NCST to make the playoff this year(insert his tweet from @blevNetwork from 8-26-22). In my opinion, Clemson's offense last week was a mirage, and they will not be nearly effective against the Wolfpack.

Timothy Bailey- Clemson

NCST could have easily lost to ECU and Texas Tech. Quite frankly, I have the Wolfpack as a fraud. Clemson's nation-leading win streak extends for another week.

Unnamed source- NC State

Devin Leary has had a slow start to the season. It's time for him to step up and prove why he got preseason Heisman hype. Give me the Wolfpack, 27-24. 

Luke Brumm- NC State

NCST rolls into Death Valley and picks up a win.

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Kyle Golik- NC State

NCST is primed to thwart the Tiger's bid back on top of the ACC.

James DeCarlo- Clemson

The Wolfpack will put the Tigers on upset watch, but Clemson seals the win at home.

Paul Wangsmo- Clemson

The Tiger's defense leads them to a close home win.

Noah Dzik- Clemson

Clemson takes care of the Wolfpack at home in a low-scoring game.

Shayne Pickering- NC State

Can DJ-U and Clemson replicate their offensive success against a solid defense is the question of the game.

Alex Bryan- Clemson

I can't see Clemson losing this game for the second straight year.

Hunter DeNote- Clemson

The Tigers win in a close one.