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The questions are beginning to swirl again for Bryan Harsin about job security. After Auburn's worst loss since their defeat at the hands of Georgia 38-0 in 2012, and their worst out-of-conference home loss since Nebraska 41-7 in 1982, Harsin was pressed after a 41-12 loss to Penn State about job security.

"I’m always coaching for this football team, all right, and these players — number one," Harsin said postgame. "I can’t control that. I can control what I do each and every day."

It seems the writing is on the wall for Harsin his days are numbered on The Plains. 

Who are realistic options for Auburn? 

Jamey Chadwell

© David Yeazell-USA TODAY Sports

© David Yeazell-USA TODAY Sports

With former Nebraska assistant and current Coastal Carolina AD Joe Moglia not surprised Chadwell is high on the list for the Cornhuskers, he should be a target for Auburn. In the career progression, the next step for Chadwell is a Power 5 job, having guided the Chanticleers to a Top 15 ranking in 2020 and back to back 11 win seasons. 

Chadwell knows the recruiting area and has a natural pipeline for talent, something Nebraska doesn't have anymore. 

Hugh Freeze

© James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

© James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn seems to be a place where a disgraced head coach can redeem himself. Just look at Bruce Pearl. 

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No one denies Hugh Freeze's coaching ability. The offensive mastermind has rejuvenated the Liberty program with three bowl wins and a Top 20 finish in 2020. All Freeze needs is someone to take another chance on him and a tight leash.

Matt Rhule

© Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

© Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Rhule has not translated to the NFL like most hoped he would. After losing 23 his first 33 games in Carolina, this is a make or break year for him. 

The 47-year old has been linked to the Nebraska job, and if he is indeed available, Auburn is a realistic player to snag Rhule. His accomplishments of making Temple relevant and rebuilding Baylor alone make him attractable to a job that is a rebuild that has a very fertile recruiting territory. 

Other Coordinators To Keep An Eye On

Bill O'Brien

At some point the former Houston Texans and Penn State head coach will earn his Saban Rehabilitation Certificate and get another shot somewhere, and it wouldn't be a foreign concept for an Alabama assistant to coach in The Plains see Pat Dye.

Kenny Dillingham

Fast rising coordinator is currently coordinating the Oregon offense and at 32 is a name to begin to know. He might not be the first name for this search, but if it begins to get into deeper options, his name will be come familiar. 

Jeff Lebby

Lebby is now at Oklahoma and after spending time with Lane Kiffin at Ole Miss, he is familiar with the SEC and with time at UCF, he has recruited Florida. The major question is what are Lebby's ambitions?

So You're Telling Me There's a Chance...

Bill Clark

Its all about health here, he had to go through a major back surgery. This is a very remote for happening but for how popular he is for what he did for UAB, you cannot rule out the minor possibility.

Gary Patterson

Maybe a more legitimate candidate, not sure where Patterson is in life. What he did for TCU speaks for itself and if Auburn was serious about getting a builder to set the table for someone younger, Patterson would be ideal. The problem is when you are in the same state as the Crimson Tide, rebuilds aren't acceptable or tolerable, maybe something Auburn fans need to embrace right now.

Lane Kiffin

The obligatory and mandatory name to add whenever any SEC job opening happens. He is always on every SEC fans wishlist. I don't feel Lane has the desire to rebuild Auburn from the ground up and has a really good thing in The Grove, but needless to say his name will be floated and used as leverage to get more money from Ole Miss. Losing Jeff Lebby to Oklahoma is no sin, but if it came down to money, look for Kiffin to use his name to leverage the resources necessary for retaining top assistants.