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— It’s not working out for Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M that’s clear. But here’s why….

1. QB development 

— This is obvious as Kellen Mond never took the next step and Zach Calzada, Haynes King and others have all been average. This has also been the case since he had Jameis Winston at FSU as he wasn’t developing signal callers there either. Maybe he was given too much credit for the talents of Jamarcus Russell and Winston and clearly everyone overvalued Christian Ponder and EJ Manuel.

2. NIL 

— I didn’t know this would happen but I suspect it is. While the simplified reasoning that A&M had the best recruiting class in the country in 2022 because of money and NIL bothers me, perhaps the money has jaded some? I believe the staff did hard work for years to land that class but in the end if these kids are making a ton of money, perhaps they are lacking incentive or the ability to be motivated or disciplined.

3. Stubbornness and Narcissism 

— Jimbo is stubborn and he’s all about Jimbo, that’s what I’ve heard and been told for over a decade. Maybe even longer. I don’t know the man on a personal level but I can tell you this, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a duck. Jimbo needed to give up play calling duties long ago and he also needs to humble himself in many ways for this team to move forward. It starts at the top.

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4. Inability to adapt 

— This is a new world we live in with NIL, the portal and other things in college football. Based on the mess I hear this team is, he hasn’t done a good job adapting to things. When older players are disciplining younger players and cliques are created on a team, that’s awful for chemistry. And this locker room is an absolute mess, trust me.

5. Karma 

— Do you believe in such things? Florida State fans do as he left that program ill equipped to move forward when he left. Perhaps Karma, which has no deadline, is rearing it’s head.