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Fact or Fiction: Scott Frost, Iowa QBs, Jayden Daniels

In Mike Farrell's Fact or Fiction, he looks at whether Scott Frost was justified to point the finger at his offensive staff, whether Iowa...

In today’s Fact or Fiction, I look at three big recent topics in college football and decide whether the statement is indeed FACT or if it’s FICTION.

Fact or Fiction:

Scott Frost should not be pointing fingers

Farrell’s take: FACT

C’mon man. The comments about the offensive coaches needing to be more creative and needing to work together better after the 31-28 loss to Northwestern were bush league for the embattled Nebraska head coach. They didn’t decide to go for an idiotic onside kick after going up 28-17 with all the momentum on your side and they certainly didn’t lose that football game. Frost backed off those statements early this week but he keeps putting his foot in his mouth and 15-30 is an embarrassment as Nebraska head coach not matter who is calling the plays.

Fact or Fiction:

Spencer Petras is the right choice for Iowa

Farrell’s take: FICTION

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Kirk Ferentz knows a lot more than I do about football. But when I was doing research for my Farrell 50 at quarterback I couldn’t find any reason to even consider Petras with his 10 touchdowns and 9 picks and 57 percent completion rate. Alex Padilla isn’t a world beater but he has to be better right?

Fact or Fiction:

Jayden Daniels will start for LSU

Farrell’s take: FACT

Brian Kelly is 0-0 at LSU but we all know the expectations. Ed Orgeron had the fan base upset a year after leading arguably the best team in college football history to a national title. There is little patience at LSU as Les Miles learned even after he won a natty. So Kelly needs a solid season in year one and he needs the experience of Daniels. Daniels regressed at Arizona State but he has a world of talent and much more experience than Garrett Nussmeier and others. This won’t be an easy game against Florida State and the experience under center will be a key.