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15 Teams Who Aren't Scary Anymore

15 Programs Who Are Not Scary

15 Programs Who Are Not Scary

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Awhile back I listed 15 teams that, sadly, are no longer scary anymore. Here they are and my justification as to why.

1. Nebraska

— Under Tom Osborne this team was as scary as they come. Under Frank Solich and Bo Pelini they were good and could scare you as well. Now? It’s hard to go 3-9 in college football these days and this has become sad.

2. Texas

— 2009 Mack Brown was playing for a national title. Before then Vince Young scared everyone. Now they’ve had one 10 win season in over a decade and just lost to Kansas.

3. Florida State

— The Bobby Bowden teams were nasty and Jimbo Fisher won a natty with Jameis. Since then it’s been a joke and no one fears the spear anymore.

4. West Virginia

— The Pat White teams were so scary and Don Nehlen always had his team ready to battle. But since the Rich Rodriguez days this has been a hapless team for the most part.

5. USC

— Pete Carroll ruled the world but since he left the program has made bad hires, has been in NCAA hot water, and now have to rely on a complete reboot. They can be scary again, though.

6. Tennessee

— Phillip Fulmer had this team scaring everyone and a perennial contender in the SEC. But since Derek Dooley, the Lane Kiffin midnight run and some recent bad hires they’ve fallen. Josh Heupel provides hope.

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7. Miami

— Ahhh the glory days I grew up on in the 1980s. And then the 1990s and early 2000s dominance. Those days are missed. Larry Coker started the downturn and now Mario Cristobal needs to fix it all. And he can.

8. Penn State

— Joe Paterno was a legend and won national titles. Since then he’s also brought down the program with scandal and they are still recovering. Save for one season, Penn State hasn’t scared anyone in decades.

9. Washington

— I may be dating myself here near the end, but the Steve Emtman era Huskies were just nasty. It’s been forever since I’ve said that about this program.

10. Auburn

— Cam Newton scared everyone more than a decade ago and there were other times Auburn struck fear in the hearts of opponents. Now we are just awaiting the next coach.

11. Florida

— Urban Meyer’s Gators were dangerous in more ways than one, and no one wanted to head to The Swamp. Since then recruiting has fallen off and a good season comes every three or four years.

12. Stanford

— When was Stanford scary? The John Elway days of course but since then when Jim Harbaugh was the man and David Shaw first took over they were tough to beat. Not now.

13. Virginia Tech

— The Hokies under Frank Beamer were scary, especially with Michael Vick and then Bryan Randall at QB. But now? The program needs a rebuild.

14. Syracuse

— This is another one from long ago as I remember the Donovan McNabb, Marvin Graves years and how nasty they were. They haven’t had a difference maker like that in forever.

15. Louisville

— Lamar Jackson made them scary, very scary. But since him it’s been a whole lot of average. But if they keep up their recent run of recruiting, they can make it back.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]