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The Farrell 50: Edge Rushers

Farrell 50 Edge Rushers

Farrell 50 Edge Rushers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I recently came out with my Farrell50 at the EDGE position for the 2022 season. Here’s the entire list and explanations of some of the more controversial picks in each group of 10.


— Former 5 star Jordan Burch from South Carolina at No. 50 raised some eyebrows and he could break out this season while Houston’s D’Anthony Jones was deemed way too low at No. 46 and they could be right. Some felt Robert Beal from Georgia should be in the top 30 but I don’t see that yet.


— Vols fans loved the ranking of Byron Young and I agree it could be a great season for him. There were some projections in here that some disagreed with like Jack Sawyer from Ohio State and Chop Robinson from Penn State but both should break out.

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— Clemson DE Xavier Thomas at No. 26 drew the ire of many as he’s underperformed so far and Michigan State DE Khris Bogle at No. 23 was way high for many but just watch.


— Auburn fans wanted Derick Hall higher than No. 20 so we shall see and LSU fans were happy that Ali Gaye got some love. Ohio State’s Zach Harrison has no much talent but No. 15 might be a little high. And Iowa State fans weren’t happy with star Will McDonald outside the top 10.


— For the first time at any position no one complained about No. 1 as we all know Alabama’s Will Anderson is on top. But Georgia’s Nolan Smith at No. 2 was objectionable to many. Myles Murphy from Clemson outside the top five was a stunner to a lot of people as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]