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The Farrell 50: Tight Ends

Farrell50 Tight End

Farrell50 Tight End

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I recently came out with my Farrell50 at the tight end position for the 2022 season. Here’s the entire list and explanations of some of the more controversial picks in each group of 10.

50-41 — No. 50 Keon Zipperer was a player many Gators thought should be higher but I don’t see it and he barely made the cut. Nebraska’s Thomas Fidone at No. 49 is honestly still based on potential based on his skill level out of high school while Michigan State’s Daniel Barker could be higher I admit. True freshman Donovan Green at Texas A&M and Ryan Otton at Washington puzzled some but I love their upside to impact early.

40-31 — Not a lot of complaints here at all but many think Brevyn Spann-Ford has top 20 potential and I don’t disagree.

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30-21 — It gets a little interesting here as some feel Jaleel Billingsley at Texas is ranked too low at No. 27 while others feel that Ja’Tavion Sanders will emerge in a Brock Bowers kind of way. And Sanders has the talent as a former five-star, but it’s wait and see for me on both. Clemson’s Davis Allen at No. 26 would be much higher with consistent QB play and that could certainly happen.

20-11Michael Trigg at Ole Miss was too low for some while others were puzzled that Cameron Latu at Alabama was so much higher than Billingsley. No. 14 Darnell Washington from Georgia was polarizing as many felt he was a big body who didn’t even belong in the top 30.

10-1 — It all came down to the Bowers vs. Michael Mayer battle at the top. And it’s a coin toss. Utah, Georgia and South Carolina all having two tight ends in the top 10 was astonishing to some but trust me, these teams are loaded.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]