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AAC Reach Agreement with Houston, Cincinnati and UCF off to Big 12 '23

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The agreement has been reached, the ink is dry and the Big 12 will be adding three new members in the Summer of 2023. This is after the AAC reached a deal for an exit with Houston, Cincinnati, and UCF. Independent BYU is also heading over to the Big 12 in 2023.  As things stand right now Oklahoma and Texas who are set to join the SEC will not be on the move until 2025. While the Sooners and Longhorns could possibly move East earlier neither school appears interested in paying the hefty penalty to leave before the grant of rights expire. This means that for two seasons the Big 12 will be a 14-team league and quite the competitive one at that.

 Even after Oklahoma and Texas leave the conference stability and competition are still set to be in strong shape for the conference. The revenue sharing projection for the league's members after the expiration of the Grant of Rights exceeds $35 million/member.

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Though Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby has a lot of blame on his plate for being in this predicament in the first place, the job he has done in these moments of peril for the league has been outstanding.