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Report Update: Oregon and Washington Eye Big 10 move as well

Oregon and Washington

According to LaMike Black of the Fifth Quarter, Oregon and Washington have submitted applications to join the Big 10 conference as well. An application does not guarantee admission of course, and the B1G presidents are sure to do their research assuming the accuracy of this report.

There have long since been rumors of an eventually CFB set up that would include either four or two super conferences that would come down the line in the future. With the FBS football schools also having a shaky and uncertain future with the NCAA all of these maneuvers are interesting and worth monitoring. The changes coming down the pipe already with Oklahoma and Texas heading to the SEC and UCLA, and USC going to the Big 10 are seismic changes. The Big 10 and SEC are the wealthiest leagues and they certainly are leading college football in an unprecedented direction. We will continue to monitor the situation in the coming days. Oregon and Washington would certainly benefit from the move, will the Big 10 members feel they too would benefit?

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