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Report: USC and UCLA Heading to the Big 10

USC and UCLA Big 10

According to sources close to the situation, USC and UCLA  are heading to the B1G conference. The plan has not yet been approved at the highest level but is in the process of being negotiated as we speak. Early indicators say the move could happen as soon as the 2024 season.

USC and UCLA are both gems in terms of branding and, of course, their prime location of Los Angeles, California. The win is not only for the B1G conference but also for the schools themselves, who will be set to get a substantial raise in terms of revenue sharing from their soon-to-be new conference. In the ever-changing landscape of college football and the doubts about a long-term relationship with the NCAA, the two wealthiest conferences, the SEC and B1G, have made moves to secure their long-term future. Texas and Oklahoma heading to the SEC and USC and UCLA heading to the B1G are not mere realignments but massive foundational shifts that profoundly affect college football. Perhaps even heading towards a sport in college football dominated by two powerful leagues.

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