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Team Nick Saban or Team Jimbo Fisher?

Comparison - Saban vs. Jimbo

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image source="featured_image" img_size="large"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nick Saban is a college football legend with a record 7 national titles, and Jimbo Fisher is a highly successful coach in his own right having won a title at Florida State himself. Over the years these two men have been described as close friends, having worked together to begin the transformation of the LSU program. However over the last couple of days it appears that friendship may be tarnished.

Nick Saban was pretty blunt in a meeting held in front of Alabama alumni and boosters about Texas A&M's recruiting class claiming: "bought every player on their team with NIL deals." Of course, later on, Nick stated he was wrong to point out any school specifically, but maintained he had no regrets over his overall discourse.

This did not sit too well with Jimbo Fisher who referred to Saban as a "narcissist" claiming Saban thought himself as "god". Jimbo went as far as to claim Saban had not been totally clean in the past, but stopped at "just ask his former assistants". Something Jimbo Fisher of course once was. So Jimbo can you tell us exactly what you're referring to? Fisher ranted on about how it was wrong and degrading to call out 17 year olds and their families and insisted no laws were broken. Which sounds a lot like NIL was used to recruit players at Texas A&M, after all if that was not the case, what would be the reason to bring up laws? Saban, of course never actually called what Texas A&M did this offseason cheating. Still that was not the impression made to Fisher, and the rest of the college football populace.

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In the end, NIL will need guardrails, the fault of these proceedings falls on the lap of the NCAA, not the Aggies. In any sport or competition, the government body decides what is or isn't allowed, every competitor should in theory do anything within the rules to give them a chance to compete. A&M apparently followed the few guidelines that are in place, so the fingers should not be pointed at them but the rule makers. At the end of the day legislation has to be made through government to likely settle this and set up the proper regulations.

The only personal beef I had with Nick Saban was his statement that Jackson State not only paid a player $1 million, but that they also bragged and didn't hide it. There are no indications that there is any validity to a Jackson State player gaining an NIL deal worth that kind of money. Nick Saban should not be making statements of that sort, as he represents the University of Alabama and is a state employee. It is not a good look to be sprouting misinformation, and in the case of it being a valid claim the burden of proof would be on Saban.

Travis Hunter the player that Saban is believed to be talking about had this to say:

Nick Saban also talked about the NCAA having difficulty enforcing their rules, and encouraged the government to step in. College football is going through some growing pains, and that is often the case when progress is being made. The antics of Saban and Fisher were certainly entertaining to watch. I have my popcorn ready, and waiting for more. Heck, Lane Kiffin agrees with me.