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Last year Penn State and Auburn started a home-and-home series with a thriller in Happy Valley. This year there is Jordan Hare. Both teams stand at 2-0 to start the year, and both have had their struggles. Will head coach Bryan Harsin pick up his first big win at Auburn? Below are the Mike Farrell Sports Staff picks for this week's three matchups.

Mike Farrell- Auburn

Auburn handles Penn State at home in a close game.

Cory Lemer- Penn State

Penn State is a solid team, and Auburn is awful this year.

Matt Perkins- Penn State

Penn State had too much firepower. 45-31 Nittany Lions.

Timothy Bailey- Auburn

Home-field advantage gives Bryan Harsin and Auburn a huge home win.

Unnamed source- Auburn

Penn State versus Auburn is a challenging game to pick. I am unable to trust the Auburn passing attack. On the other hand, I do not believe in Sean Clifford. If Drew Allar were the starting QB for Penn State, I would favor the Nittany Lions heavily. Jordan Hare stadium has routinely hosted some of the most surprising outcomes over time. Ultimately, I believe this game will come down to who has the best running backs. For this game, I am feeling a slight upset. War Damn Eagle, give me Auburn 24-17.

Kyle Golik- Penn State

Penn State wins a close one. The Nittany Lions have already been tested on the road and will use that in a hostile Jordan Hare.

James DeCarlo- Auburn

Auburn versus Penn State is a balanced matchup that could go either way. I think the home-field advantage leads the Tigers to a 3-0 start.

Paul Wangsmo- Penn State

Auburn struggled last week against a weaker opponent. I like the Nittany Lions here.

Noah Dzik- Penn State

Penn State comes into Jordan Hare and wins the game in a battle of elite backfields.

Shayne Pickering- Penn State

Both cultures have question marks and playing the game in Auburn makes it interesting. Penn State should have the talent to pull away.

Alex Bryan- Penn State

Playing in Jordan Hare is tough but seeing Auburn struggle against SJSU was eye-opening. Penn State 30-20

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Noah- 9-2

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Unnamed Source- 8-3

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Paul- 8-3

Mike- 7-4

Kyle- 6-4

James- 6-4

Matt- 6-5

Shayne- 4-3

Alex- 0-0