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Provo, Utah will have an electric atmosphere when BYU and Baylor face off in a top 25 matchup this weekend. The 9th-ranked Baylor Bears will face the 21st-ranked BYU Cougars at 10:15 ET. . Below are our Mike Farrell Sports staff picks for the Week 2 matchup.

Mike Farrell- Baylor

Baylor should win against BYU, but Jaren Hall makes this game close.

Cory Lemer- Baylor

The Baylor defense keeps Jaren Hall and BYU in check allowing the Bears to win in a close one.

Matt Perkins- Baylor

I appreciate a good clash of styles, and that's what we'll get in Provo. I'm bullish on the Bears this season, while BYU will present a test in Lavell Edwards Stadium. I think the Bears' defense is too good. Dave Aranda and the Bears win 31-21

Timothy Bailey- BYU

Provo is a tough place to play. I think the Cougars win the game and look fierce entering the BIG 12 in 2023.

Luke Brumm-BYU

BYU is legit, and I think they will prove it this weekend. The Cougars welcome the Bears into town, and I think BYU wins in a close game.

Kyle Golik-Baylor

I like the Baylor Defense to be the difference maker. I think they will decide this game in the 4th quarter. It will be a great preview of what kind of conference member BYU will be in 2023.

James DeCarlo- Baylor

People underestimate the Cougars' home-field atmosphere, which will become a factor against the Bears. In a great matchup between Dave Aranda and Kalani Sitake, I see Baylor leaving Provo with a win.

Paul Wangsmo- Baylor

I am not sold on the Cougars yet, leading me to choose the Bears.

Noah Dzik- Baylor

Baylor and BYU are one of the most underrated matchups of the weekend. Baylor heads into Provo to take on the Cougars. The Bears' efficient offense will hand BYU a home loss.

Shayne Pickering- Baylor

Baylor lost a lot of talent but has a solid system under Dave Aranda. Baylor pulls away in one of the most underrated games of the year.

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Unnamed source- Baylor

With the Cougars losing two of their top receiving targets before this game, I expect BYU to rely on its run game to win. Despite losing many pieces from last year's team, Dave Aranda will have his hands full coaching in his first-ranked match up with this new, younger roster. I believe in Dave Aranda's system and player development. Blake Shapen and Monaray Baldwin can create big plays through the air for Baylor, and the run game is solid. Aranda's patience and level-headed coaching style tend to shine in matchups like this. Give me the Baylor Bears, 23-16.

Noah- 5-1

James- 4-1

Unnamed Source- 4-2

Cory- 4-2

Mike- 4-2

Matt- 4-2

Paul- 4-2

Luke- 4-2

Tim- 4-2

Kyle- 3-2

Shayne- 1-1