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The Max Johnson era starts in College Station. The 2-0 Hurricanes will face The Aggies in front of an electric crowd at Kyle Field. Below are the Mike Farrell Sports staff picks for this Week 3 matchup.

Mike Farrell- Texas A&M

The Aggies will bounce back at home and will win with the help of the Kyle Field crowd.

Cory Lemer- Miami

The Aggie's offense has looked horrid to start the year, leading me to choose "The U."

Matt Perkins- Miami

Assuming Zion Nelson and the Cane's o-line holds up, Tyler Van Dyke should have a huge game.

Timothy Bailey- Miami

The Aggies have played more football games (2) this year than they have trips to the endzone (1).

Unnamed source- Miami

Jimbo Fisher's offensive scheme is older than the forward pass. Starting Max Johnson is a positive movement, but you can not fix an entire offense in a week. Miami has a generally efficient offense and a competent defense. Maybe we will see a miracle like last season against Alabama, but I feel we will see something closer to the Arkansas game. Mario Christobal is more fun than Jimbo. Give me Miami, 28-13.

Luke Brumm-Miami

Texas A&M has too many issues to fix in one week. Despite the crowd, I choose Miami.

Kyle Golik-Miami

Miami is more secure at Quarterback than the Aggies.

James DeCarlo- Texas A&M

Miami is not a top 15 team, and the Aggies will expose them this week. After an embarrassing loss, Jimbo will have his team ready.

Paul Wangsmo- Texas A&M

The crowd will be great at Kyle Field. Cheering on the Aggies will help them get a bounce-back win.

Noah Dzik- Texas A&M

Miami heads into a deflated College Station after a depressing week two loss. The Aggies will bounce back.

Shayne Pickering- Texas A&M

The Aggie's defense will expose some weaknesses Miami has.

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Alex Bryan- Texas A&M

The Aggies will not struggle two weeks in a row. Texas A&M wins 28-24.

Noah- 9-2

Luke- 9-2

Tim- 9-2

Unnamed Source- 8-3

Cory- 8-3

Paul- 8-3

Mike- 7-4

Kyle- 6-4

James- 6-4

Matt- 6-5

Shayne- 4-3

Alex- 0-0