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Arkansas entered Arlington determined, and it showed early on in the game. KJ Jefferson dropped back and delivered a strike to Ketron Jackson to put the Razorbacks on the board with a 7-0 lead. The Razorback's defense held, giving the offense the ball back. KJ Jefferson wasted no time adding to the lead as he launched the ball downfield and found Warren Thompson for the 56-yard touchdown. Arkansas had the momentum, but the half was far from over. After a beautiful drive from the Aggies, Max Johnson found true freshman Evan Stewart in the endzone to cut the lead to 7. Arkansas looked like they were about to go up 21-7, then all hell broke loose. KJ Jefferson dived for the touchdown and lost the ball. Tyreek Chappell recovered the ball for the Aggies and handed it off to Demani Richardson for the scoop and score. The Aggies would fail on the fake FG attempt ending the half 14-13. Defense became the key in the third quarter as the Aggies scored ten straight points and held a 23-14 lead through three quarters. The Razorbacks started the scoring in the 4th quarter with a KJ Jefferson rushing touchdown to cut the Aggie's lead to two. Arkansas stopped the Aggies and got the ball back but missed the FG to go ahead with 1:35 left in the game. The Aggies would hold on to win a duel in Arlington.

Turning Point In The Game

KJ Jefferson dove for the endzone and fumbled, leading to a crazy Texas A&M touchdown. After this play, Arkansas would score one time more in the entire game while the Aggies had a 13-point swing around.

Texas A&M Game Ball: RB Devon Achane

Devon Achane was the best player on the field for the Aggies tonight, as he went for 159 yards on 19 carries. He also scored a touchdown during the game.

Arkansas Game Ball: QB KJ Jefferson

Despite the loss, Jefferson balled out. Jefferson finished with 171 passing yards and two touchdowns. KJ added a score on the ground and had over 110 yards running the football in a heartbreaking loss.

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Game Thoughts and Notes

  1. Arkansas shot themselves in the foot today. The Razorbacks were unable to covert on multiple solid drives and had a missed FG and a fumble that resulted in a scoop and score touchdown.
  2. Texas A&M has a weakness. The Aggies have a solid defense but can't stop the run, and that weakness showed tonight. Stopping the run game is key for the Aggies if they want to finish with one loss.
  3. The Razorbacks played horribly today. Next week Arkansas will face the Crimson Tide, who use a mix of run and pass to win on offense. The Razorbacks were sloppy in both departments today.

What This Means for Texas A&M

The Aggies now sit at 3-1 on the year with two ranked wins. Many thought the season was over after the loss to App State; however, it is far from over.

What This Means for Arkansas

Arkansas heads home to face the undefeated Crimson Tide. After a heartbreaking loss in Arlington, the Tide may be able to build on some holes the Aggies exposed and hand the Razorbacks a second loss this year.