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Mind of Mike: NIL, Jordan Addison, and Coaches Lashing Out

Mind of Mike

Mind of Mike

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image source="featured_image" img_size="large"][vc_column_text]The Mind of Mike is a crazy place. Here are my most recent thoughts on the craziness that is college football.

— Be careful coaches, even you Nick Saban. I keep hearing from Saban and Pat Narduzzi publicly and others privately that such and such is “handling NIL the right way.” For Saban, it was talking about his players versus the Texas A&M recruiting class for 2022 where he pretty much said each kid was bought. For Narduzzi, it was how Kedon Slovis used the portal the “right way” as he took a shot at Jordan Addison without naming him. It’s nearly impossible to prove tampering in the transfer portal and the NCAA doesn’t have the staff to enforce booster involvement for high school recruits. But let’s not pretend some level of it isn’t happening in some way. Lincoln Riley isn’t dumb enough to call Jordan Addison directly and offer him millions and a house and Jimbo Fisher isn’t a moron and isn’t sitting with boosters planning out which kids get what level of cash. But it’s all happening at power programs. If everyone dug in, I bet you’d have a hard time finding one program that hasn’t broken a rule or two with NIL and the portal, Alabama and Pitt included. Just don’t use the “right way” term any more fellas. Do your thing and focus on your players. Just the thoughts in the mind of Mike.

Jordan Addison down to Texas and USC? That’s news? C’mon people my little site reported this more than a week ago when he was at his visit at Texas. Since then there have been rumors of him returning to Pitt, going to Alabama and Oregon for visits, and dozens of others out there. And now someone else reports he’s down to USC and Texas a week after I do and get sourced? I’m laughing. I won’t break the Addison story. Why? Because the kid deserves to put it out the way he wants and the school he picks will control that process. But if he goes to Texas, as I said about 10 days ago, who will get credit? Someone else I’m sure.

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— Arizona State DL Jermayne Lole is likely to end up at Florida despite a great visit to Louisville. Why? NIL is big here, trust me.

Ryan Day got the money he deserved and is now in the realm of lesser coaches making nearly $10 million a year. People will say he was born on third base and inherited a monster from Urban Meyer but I want you to pay attention as coaches replace legends moving forward or even in recent years. Look at where FSU is now. Look at where Alabama will be after Saban. Look at what happened to Florida after Meyer left. It’s not easy to replace a legend, it takes a great coach and OSU has one.

Marcus Washington Jr. to Georgia a year early is going to happen more and more. NIL is a major factor and kids are just too developed at some positions to be challenged by high school players by their senior season. And this will happen more and more. Quarterbacks made this famous with guys like Jake Bentley, JT Daniels, and Quinn Ewers doing it but now we have defensive ends and corners and others doing it. One thing that will eventually change — and it will take a lot of fighting — is the NFL three-year rule. Look for that to be changed to two years within a decade. Maybe sooner.

Thank you for letting me share with you the words of wisdom from the mind of Mike!