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Jordan Addison Rumors Flying

Jordan Addison

Jordan Addison

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image source="featured_image" img_size="large"][vc_column_text]Pitt transfer wide receiver Jordan Addison is the topic of much discussion. From multi million dollar deals to houses to whether he will head elsewhere or if the door is still open at Pitt, I'm hearing a lot. Here's the latest.

-- The door appears to be closed at Pitt. There were some rumors of Addison's mom wanting him to stay and Pitt and from what I hear he has considered his legacy there. I mean, after all, he could go down in Larry Fitzgerald kind of lore if he stays. But the loss of receivers coach Brennan Marion to Texas and offensive coordinator Mark Whipple to Nebraska as well as QB Kenny Pickett to the NFL is just too much of a perfect storm for Addison.

-- This is less about NIL and money and more about his final year in college and his draft stock. He will make NIL money, that's not in question, but he wants to make sure he can keep his NFL Draft stock high and work with coaches and a quarterback that will make him better. I've been told that Addison is one of the most driven players you'll ever meet and has very high standards for how he is pushed.

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-- USC isn't a done deal, he will look around. Yes he's friends with QB Caleb Williams and his father and the USC offense is very attractive to him as is LA, but other schools will get a look. He's very, very hard to get ahold of so there are a ton of teams hoping to get a response who simply won't. Texas and Alabama are two schools he will likely consider, Texas for Marion and Alabama for Alabama (Bryce Young, Nick Saban, etc) but I've also heard LSU and Oregon mentioned. I'd say the combination of QB and offensive play at USC as well as the NIL opportunities give the Trojans an edge with Texas running second and Alabama third. But this won't be quick from what I'm told.

-- Addison did give it through the spring at Pitt to see how the offense looked and how he was coached I've been told. He didn't want to make an uninformed decision but after spring ball he decided a new home was needed.

-- Addison to Texas would be interesting as Xavier Worthy is WR1 there and they have transfers in Isaiah Neyor and Agiye Hall coming in as well as Jordan Whittington and others there. What would Addison do to Worthy's status as there were rumors of a potential transfer by Worthy (USC, Ohio State mentioned to me) even before this? Obviously Worthy never jumped and it's after the May 1 deadline so he's not likely to leave now but would it be a locker room situation? Worthy recruits for Texas as hard as anyone so I don't see an issue, but USC and Alabama have less concerns in that area without surefire No. 1 guys.

-- The quarterback will be key and probably the only drawback for Texas here as Quinn Ewers has amazing arm talent but is unproven. Williams has shown a bit of what he can do and Young is the Heisman winner. That's why LSU and Oregon don't make a ton of sense to me as well. I've been told a great QB is wanted and he had that in Pickett last season at Pitt. Perhaps more teams can enter the discussion with strong starters?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]