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The Latest on Jordan Addison

The Latest on Jordan Addison

The Latest on Jordan Addison

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image source="featured_image" img_size="large"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The latest I'm hearing on transfer portal WR Jordan Addison....

-- As we know, Addison visited Austin, Texas on an official visit this week and, as expected, it went very well. He reunited with his Pitt wide receiver coach, Brennan Marion, and met the staff as well as many of the players. The words I heard were "safe bet" that Addison could end up at Texas in the end.

-- QB Quinn Ewers was at a charity golf tournament with Patrick Mahomes during Addison's visit but he came back to Austin to meet with him and help recruit him to the Longhorns. Addison was shown Ewers arm talent, which is unlike any other in recent years, and they bonded well I am hearing. One source told me "Caleb Williams is great, I've seen him live, but no one has an arm like Ewers. No one."

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-- Xavier Worthy was as active a recruiter as you'd want in talking to Addison about joining him in this offense. While you might wonder if he'd be jealous or worried about Addison stealing his thunder and some NIL money, the opposite is true. Worthy knows he will be better with Addison on the other side of the offense and the two could simply dominate. As for Addison, I was told he felt "there's another me out there" when he watched Worthy on film. Their skillset are similar and they want to play together. Texas has a deep receiver room with Isaiah Neyor, Jordan Whitingham, Agiye Hall, and others, but Worthy and Addison are by far the most polished of the bunch.

-- This is Addison's decision and his alone. Some in his camp want him to visit other schools like Alabama, LSU, Oregon and others. But it appears he will just visit Texas and USC (where he is right now). Texas sold him on the offensive similarities of their system and the Pitt system Addison thrived in. 25 of the 32 offenses in the NFL use the Texas offensive system which is a bit different than USC. That was part of the pitch. Addison's mother is involved for sure, but he's an adult and he's handling his business. If I were to guess at a preference for his mom it would be with Marion at Texas but that's a guess.

-- USC is very, very much in this. He went from Austin to LA directly and he is being personally recruited by Lincoln Riley. Riley is pushing for Addison to be the star in his offense and his relationship with Caleb Williams is important. Caleb's father, Carl, helped train Jordan when he was younger and the relationship is strong so Addison's mom has a comfort level with USC as well. The NIL opportunities in LA are the scary thing to Texas and it could be the difference maker. USC is a great opportunity for him and he knows that and a lot depends on how he gets along with the other coaches and the players. His Austin visit went as good as possible but USC led heading into that trip. Now I think the Trojans need to step up and take this lead again.

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