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Breaking Down the Elite 11

Breaking Down the Elite 11

Breaking Down the Elite 11

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My thoughts on the Elite 11 quarterbacks as named this weekend after breaking down all the throws and putting them in my order from highest ceiling to lowest.

#1 - Dante Moore

Moore showed it all and would have been my MVP based on everything I saw. From short to intermediate passes he was on point and his long ball is beautiful. He was better than I expected. Oregon and Michigan are in a battle for a special QB here and I have Michigan with the edge.

#2 - Malachi Nelson

The USC commit has to be in the dictionary under smooth because everything he does is effortless and he makes it look easy. In the pocket and on the run he’s as dangerous as anyone.

#3 - Jackson Arnold

The Oklahoma commit will wow you with his zip and big arm but his accuracy was impressive as well. He gets the ball on a receiver faster than anyone.

#4 Christopher Vizzina

I love everything about Vizzina’s game. He’s not flashy in any one area but he’s above average everywhere. His touch and accuracy stand out. Clemson is getting a good one.

#5 - Austin Novosad

The Baylor commit is arguably the most accurate in this group and what he lacks in overall zip he makes up for in precision.

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#6 - JJ Kohl

The Iowa State commit was the surprise of the event to me as he was much more fluid and athletic than I expected for a big quarterback.

#7 - Pierce Clarkson

With the last name Clarkson you would expect a well coached and fundamental QB (his dad is elite QB trainer Steve Clarkson) and that’s what you get. He’s refined in almost every aspect and just needs some downfield work.

#8 - Kenny Minchey

The Pitt commitment had a solid showing and is a sleeper in this class. He has good size, a live arm and he’s still raw at times but has a high ceiling.

#9 - Malachi Singleton

The Arkansas commit zips the ball at all times and just needs to work on his touch to be an elite QB at the next level. Tempo will be key.

#10 - Jaxon Smolik

The Tulane commitment held his own and showed a live arm and spun the ball as well as anyone. He’s not refined in some areas but that arm talent is impressive.

#11 - Avery Johnson

He struggled at first and then came on strong and showed why he’s being pursued heavily. Kansas State, Oregon or Washington will get a player just hitting his stride.

#12 - Chris Parson

The FSU commitment is a great looking kid and he can wow you on one throw and make you wonder on another. He’s hit or miss but with some refinement he could be special.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]