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Top 25 TE for 2023

1. Duce Robinson, Uncommitted (5 stars)

— Tall, athletic and plays like a wide receiver downfield.

2. Riley Williams, Miami (5 stars)

— I like him better than most, he’s big and fluid.

3. Pearce Spurlin, Georgia (4 stars)

— The next great one at UGA? He has the skillset.

4. Ethan Davis, Tennessee (4 stars)

— Hoops star as well overshadowed by Travis Hunter a season ago.

5. Walker Lyons, Stanford (4 stars)

— Stanford always has good TEs and this kid can catch and block.

6. Zach Ortwerth, Iowa (4 stars)

— Iowa doesn’t miss at TE but this kid can also play DE.

7. Brennan Parachek, Michigan State (4 stars)

— One of the most physically ready of the TEs in this class.

8. Jelani Thurman, Ohio State (4 stars)

— Great athlete from an elite athletic family he’s a natural pass catcher.

9. Mac Markway, LSU (4 stars)

 — Physical kid who can block and gain YAC.

10. Shamar Easter, Arkansas (4 stars)

— Long and angular he’s a big target and reliable.

11. Luke Hasz, Arkansas (4 stars)

— Flex tight end could also be used as an h back.

12. Ty Lockwood, Alabama (4 stars)

— Can be inline or flex and has a good frame to add weight.

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13. Jaden Platt, Stanford (4 stars)

— Former QB has great size and just reaching potential.

14. Lawson Luckie, Georgia (4 stars)

— H-back type who can line up all over the field.

15. Jackson Bowers, BYU (4 stars)

— Big inline tight end who posts up and blocks.

16. Brett Norfleet, Missouri (4 stars)

— Baseball prospect with 6-7 frame and huge target.

17. Andrew Rappleyea, Penn State (4 stars)

— Tall kid who has sneaky downfield speed.

18. Cooper Flanagan, Notre Dame (4 stars)

— Big blocker just starting to hone his receiving skills.

19. Olsen Patt Henry, Clemson (4 stars)

— Big wide receiver build with flex potential.

20. Connor Cox, South Carolina (4 stars)

— I like his potential better than most as a big flex.

21. Dylan Wade, Maryland (4 stars)

— Former QB is a great athlete.

22. Matt Klopfenstein, Baylor (3 stars)

— Two way player who had 10 TD catches in 2021.

23. Deakon Tonielli, Michigan (3 stars)

— Tall, skinny kid with a good frame.

24. Javonte Vereen, NC State (3 stars)

— Undersized but wry productive.

25. Jackson Carver, Miami (3 stars)

— New to football with a lot of potential.