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Elite 11 Stock Report

Elite 11 Stock Report

Elite 11 Stock Report

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Elite 11 is in the books and here are some of my stock up, stocky steady and stock down performers. These assessments are all before I go back and watch them one more time before I rank.


Dante Moore, undecided

I had him as a five-star but now he’s in consideration for No. 1 overall with Malachi Nelson and Arch Manning.

Jackson Arnold, Oklahoma

His arm is elite and arm talent is what the NFL wants which is why Quinn Ewers and Will Levis get so much attention. I had him as a mid-range 4-star but he’s better than that.

JJ Kohl, Iowa State

I honestly had him as a high 3-star coming in but he’s a mid 4 before I go back and watch everyone again.

Kenny Minchey, Pitt

He went from a mid 3-star to a low-4 star in my book.

Jaxon Smolik, Tulane

He’s a 4-star talent I don’t care where he plays. His arm talent is enough for that ranking.


Malachi Nelson, USC

My mind hasn’t changed about him. He’s a top-two player in this class and probably still No. 1.

Chris Vizzina, Clemson

He’s a borderline 5-star to me and that was the case coming in.

Austin Novosad, Baylor

His consistency was expected based on what I had seen on film so he’s a high 4-star.

Pierce Clarkson, Louisville

This was exactly what I expected from the high 4-star.

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Malachi Singleton, Arkansas

He’s a low 4-star and was coming in as he’s better on the run still.

Emory Williams, Miami

I had him as a mid 3-star and that’s what I saw.

Zane Flores, Oklahoma State

He’s a mid-level 3-star to me and hasn’t changed my mind.


Jaden Rashada, Miami

I had him as a 5-star, but now I’m re-assessing because he hasn’t improved his short and mid-range accuracy and consistency.

Rickie Collins, Purdue

I had him as a borderline 4-star but was disappointed a bit and feel he’s a high 3 at this point.

Avery Johnson, undecided

I liked the way he rebounded after a tough start but he’s not consistent enough for the 4 stars I had in mind.

Eli Holstein, Alabama

He’s a game manager on film and does everything okay, but he's not great at anything, so I don’t see 4 stars.

Brady Drogosh, Cincinnati

I had him as a high 3-star but he fell a bit in my eyes.

Chris Parson, FSU

Parson had a 4-star ceiling but he’s way too up and down for that.

Brock Glenn, undecided

I like him still but I was torn between mid 4-star and low 4-star and I’m feeling the latter.

Marcus Stokes, Penn State

I was on the fence between 4 and 3 star and he’s a 3 to me.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]