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Mike Farrell's Top 25 WRs for the class of 2023

Mike Farrell's Top 25 WRs for the class of 2023

1. Carnell Tate, Ohio State (5 stars)

— The best combination of ball skills and size out there.

2. Zachariah Branch, USC (5 stars)

— Elite speed after catch makes him a threat from anywhere.

3. Shelton Sampson Jr., LSU (5 stars)

— I like him better than most, he’s dynamic adjusting to the ball.

4. Brandon Inniss, Ohio State (5 stars)

— As smooth as they come and has been elite since 8th grade.

5. Hykeem Williams, Florida State (4 stars)

— Big receiver who can run past you or box you out.

6. Johntay Cook II, Texas (4 stars)

— Elevates with the best of them.

7. Jurrion Dickey, Oregon (4 stars)

— Massive and physical receiver who is just too big for most.

8. Jalen Hale, Alabama (4 stars)

— Good length and catch radius and a tremendous athlete.

9. Jaquaize Pettaway, Oklahoma (4 stars)

— Very quick and could impact in return game.

10. Aidan Mizell, Florida (4 stars)

— Touchdown machine with long end speed.

11. Noah Rogers, Ohio State (4 stars)

— Catches everything and is great in the red zone.

12. DeAndre Moore Jr., Louisville (4 stars)

— Could be equally effective on offense or as a safety on defense.

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13. Braylon James, Notre Dame (4 stars)

— Long speed and great leaping ability.

14. Tyler Williams, Georgia (4 stars)

— Former QB who is just scratching surface at WR.

15. Ayden Williams, Ole Miss 4 stars

— Great size and a 50/50 ball machine.

16. Raymond Cottrell, Georgia (4 stars)

— Big build and has played QB and RB as well.

17. Ryan Niblett, Texas (4 stars)

— Speed player who has limited experience but amazing upside.

18. Jaden Greathouse, Notre Dame, (4 stars)

— Very productive receiver and one of the biggest in this class.

19. Jalen Brown, LSU (4 stars)

— Deep threat who can score from anywhere.

20. Omarion Miller, Nebraska (4 stars)

— A big play waiting to happen at all times.

21. Joshua Manning, Missouri (4 stars)

— Well rounded athlete good at everything.

22. Shamar Porter, Kentucky (4 stars)

— Big receiver with sneaky speed and great elevation.

23. Karmello English, Auburn (4 stars)

— Always player bigger than his size.

24. Ashton Cozart, Oregon (4 stars)

— Tall and rangy player with great frame.

25. Christian Hamilton, UNC (4 stars)

— Smooth and fluid route runner.