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We’ll keep the scouting reports rolling on top prospects from across the country.

DJ Lagway – QB

Willis, TX (Willis)

Good length, height, and very good hand size and athleticism. Release is quick despite the various arm angles he throws from. Shows good patience in the pocket and the willingness to go through progression. Will throw players open, showing good anticipation in how routes will develop. Has a very good arm that can fit passes in tight windows or stretch the field. No problem throwing downfield, good touch on his deep ball. Will take chances over the middle of the field or deep because he trusts his arm. Possesses good athletic ability that makes him a true dual threat. But, is still more of a pocket passer that can run. Shows good long speed and change of direction in the open field.

Will be inconsistent with accuracy if he doesn’t marry his upper and lower half movements. Sometimes throws flat footed or completely across his body as he is sprinting in the opposite direction. Trusting his arm may become a concern at the next level as windows will become tighter. A lot of throws are all arm, likely overthrowing. General and overall mechanics improvement will help performance as well as avoiding injury. Very good prospect that has all the tools the top Power 5 programs look for in a starting QB. Will continue to fill out and has another year to refine the finer points of playing QB. His size and athleticism may tempt a school to play him right away.

Terry Bussey – ATH (SAF)

Timpson, TX (Timpson)

Solid length and height with very good COD, speed, and acceleration. Displays good range as a deep safety, both in single high and two deep situations. Stays over the top on deep routes and high points the ball. Shows good footwork and closing speed on limited man-to-man chances. Very good ball skills translate to defense as well. Willing tackler in run support, does not shy away from contact. Understands how to change pace coming out of breaks as a ball carrier. Despite his slight frame displays good contact balance and slips out of arm tackles. Possesses the kind of speed that will translate and potentially stand out at the next level.

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The biggest question will be what he plays at the next level. Needs to get more experience as a safety. Often reaches for tackles as opposed to wrapping up or running through ball carriers. Will need to get stronger to prevent being run over at the next level. The lack of man-to-man reps are concerning with the evolution of the modern passing game, even for a safety. A team could take a chance on him being a RB or WR. But how his body responds to punishment at the next level is a question. And he would be raw and a project at WR. Ultimately, he projects to S. The concerns are all fixable, and he has the potential to be a P5 starter that could make an immediate impact as a returner.

Jeremy Payne – RB

Missouri City, TX (Hightower)

Solid length and frame with good weight. Very decisive runner that makes powerful cuts. Accelerates out of breaks well and gets north quickly. Shows good short area quickness avoiding tacklers. Has good speed to break big runs if given a crease. Good balance and body control bouncing off tacklers and getting extra yards. Very good as a pass catcher, looks natural bringing the ball in. His good vision is on display on screens and how he weaves in and out of blocks.

Doesn’t seek out contact much. Could run with lower pad level. Not a lot of runs where he finishes by lowering his shoulder. Will need to fill out before playing at the next level. There really isn’t a lot to dislike with this kid. A lot of the questions around him won’t be answered until he experiences getting hit by players at the next level regularly. He will likely continue to be recruited by Power 5 programs and eventually be a starter at that level. His versatility as a pass catcher will be what sets him apart from others.

Eli Bowen – CB

Denton, TX (Guyer)

Younger brother of 2023 S Peyton Bowen (Notre Dame commit). Marginal frame, length, and overall size. Displays good speed, short area quickness and COD. Good foot speed allows him to mirror receivers off the LOS. Smooth in transition, flipping his hips to run with a defender and stay in phase down field. Has good timing to compete on jump balls and plays through the receiver’s hands. Very physical player in the run game. Strikes through the ball carrier’s thigh and wraps up well too complete tackles. The play is never over, displays very good competitive toughness, ripping the ball away from receivers.

The glaring concern is size. Even at his position he is much smaller than what teams are looking for in most measurable metrics. He doesn’t post eye popping track times either. Despite that, this kid is just a football player. He is going to play at the Power 5 level because his film is undeniable. He plays fast and makes plays. He likely projects to a Nickel CB because of his size and ability to help in run support.