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We’ll keep the scouting reports rolling on top prospects from across the country.

Ellis Robinson IV - CB

Bradenton, FL (IMG Academy)

Good frame and solid weight for the #1 ranked CB in the nation. Very good man coverage corner, knows how to use his hands within the first five yards and at the break point of routes to slow down and shadow receivers. Shows the athletic ability and speed to be able to adjust quickly to the next level. When in off-man/zone coverage he displays good backpedal, vision and acceleration to close on the receiver. Good physicality/competitive toughness shows when he comes up to the LOS and fights off blocks from WRs to make tackles near the LOS. Displays good hands to make contested interceptions and pass breakups.

Needs to shore up footwork at LOS when playing press man. Would like to see him wrap up more as he leads with his shoulder when coming downhill on RBs with a free path. Needs to show more peripheral vision and anticipation on incoming routes in zone coverage. Too willing to sit in his zone and play the tackle in underneath zone coverage, needs to react to passing concepts and make more plays on the ball. Should start in his first year as a CB2 or CB3 in a heavy man-coverage scheme allowing him to showcase his skills and athletic ability. Has potential to be one of the elite corners in college football by his sophomore season.

David Stone - DT

Bradenton, FL (IMG Academy)

Multi-sport athlete who also competes in shot put and discus. DT prospect that has received interest from the top-tier teams in every P5 conference. Very good height and solid weight. Elite explosion/point strength to consistently win with his power against both pass/run scenarios. As a 1 and 3 technique DT he is quick off the snap and shows good use of hands to win with swim/rip moves and fight off double teams from interior OL. Solid mental processing to analyze run plays and pulling blockers when engaged. Quickly sheds blocks and collapses pocket when QB tries to step up. Good pursuit and solid tackling both in the tackle box and on the perimeter.

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Will need to add some weight in the next year to physically be ready for P5 offensive lineman. Has to keep improving his mental processing if asked to consistently two-gap against the run. Overall, a very good prospect that can make an immediate impact in his first year at a big time P5 school.

Charles Lester III - CB

Sarasota, FL (Riverview)

Top CB prospect receiving a ton of interest from the SEC and B10. Good height and acceleration with solid weight, Solid backpedal and good closing ability on the ball. Thrives in more of an off-man/zone coverage as a corner. Shows good tracking ability when dropping into a deep third or deep quarter zone coverage to go up and make a play on the ball consistently. Displays solid peripheral vision and reactions to shorter passing concepts entering his zone. Good hands and vertical to always go up and intercept or contest jump balls vs taller WRs. Solid man coverage, wins and stays in phase with athletic ability and length.

Needs to fill out his frame within the next year or two. Lack of muscle and physicality affects his ability to play good press man coverage at the next level and his physicality in the run game. Will need to wrap up more when making tackles near the LOS. Coaching in his first year will improve hand usage and technique if being asked to play more man coverage at the highest level in college. Overall, a good prospect that can contribute within his first two years in a zone-heavy defensive scheme.

Adarius Hayes - Edge

Largo, FL (Largo)

One of the hardest hitters in the class of 2024! Hayes possesses a good frame and solid weight, asked to mainly play MLB in a 4-3 defense. Has the frame and mental processing vs the run to keep playing there but I project him more to be a power edge rusher in a 3-4 defense at the next level due to his length and demeanor as a player. Very good tackler and explosive player at the point of attack. Downhill player that is always delivering the big blow showing very good run support. Shows experience of a good bull rush on blitzes from LB depth. Good reactions and mental processing when reading the run, watches OL and flows well with play.

Adequate backpedal and reactions when dropping into pass zones from the MLB position. If asked to play at LB depth again in college, he will need to improve his reactions/vision against the pass to recognize underneath passing concepts. Has to continue to develop his use of hands and pass rush plan to go against the top OTs in the P5. Overall, a good prospect that will be a problem as a power edge rusher after a year of coaching and expanding his arsenal of tools.