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Justin Scott – Nose

St. Ignatius, IL

DL prospect that has received attention from every major conference. Elite frame and very good length with elite strength, good speed, and good explosiveness. Quick off the snap and has a strong initial punch with good hand placement. Maintains leverage through contact. Strength and size allow him to easily handle double teams. Good change of direction to follow runners that cut back. Good balance, doesn’t get knocked down when engaged with a blocker or when hit on the shoulder. Wraps up well, uses his entire body to smother the ballcarrier while threatening big hits and fumbles. High motor.

Often relies on his physical tools. Hasn't played much organized football so you don't see him make mental keys or read the play pre-snap. Unclear if he can be patient to cover both A gaps, blows through the center before needing to react. Overall a very good prospect- positional scarcity makes him more attractive. Should be the cornerstone of a defense at the next level.

Jonathan Paylor – ATH (WR)

Hugh M Cummings, NC

Two-way player with a confirmed 10.7 100m time. Marginal frame and length with very good speed, short area quickness, acceleration, and vertical. Good footwork to get around defenders attempting to press. Utilizes his athletic ability to create separation at the top of his routes. Settles in open zones. Has soft hands. Elite balance and can stop on a dime to make defenders miss in the open field.

Frame leaves him susceptible to strong players bringing him down. Plenty of taller and longer corners at the next level who will win the 50/50 balls over him. Another growth spurt before graduation will help him not throw off the rhythm of a pass-heavy offense. Hard to ignore what is physically there, think he’ll end up as a “gadget” slot-receiver that primarily contributes in the run and short-pass game for a school and can return kicks/punts. Riskier prospect, but will be a pain to gameplan against at the next level.

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J’Marion Burnette – RB

Andalusia, AL

Top SEC target who’s offer list continues to grow. Very good frame with elite acceleration, good speed, and good strength. Follows the play call instead of bouncing runs to the outside. Elite burst through the line, quickly reads his gaps and turns on the second gear. Good vision, can read a gap opening or closing in an instant and adjust. Takes what he can get up the middle. Understands angles on the outside run and will cut up instead of continuing to move laterally. Knows when to control his speed to break a tackle or protect the ball. Elusive runner that adjusts to oncoming defenders and has the play strength to stiff arm or truck through them. Willing blocker

Doesn’t understand the rhythm of pass plays and has adequate hands. Does not block with leverage and struggles to read linemen coming off the edge. Strong two-down back that can easily learn to block given his size but is unlikely to be a threat in the passing game. Contender for one of the top backs in the class that has time to iron out his few shortcomings.

Jeremiah Newcombe – CB

Casteel, AZ

Received offers from most big schools in the West and Midwest. Solid frame and length with good acceleration and solid speed, vertical, and explosiveness. Physical at the line of scrimmage and slows receivers down with good hand placement. Keeps the defender in front of him in Zone and knows when to break for the ball. Reads receiver at the through his break and angles himself to get back into tight coverage. Runs with his eyes towards the QB and a hand on the receiver instead of staring the receiver down. Good ball skills, can reasonably break up or intercept most passes and can read when to play the ball or receiver. Understands the rhythm of most offensive plays and knows when the ball is going to come out. Willing to come down and hit; wants to deliver huge strikes and hits harder than most players his size.

Not going to torch anyone and isn’t going to recover against hard cuts using his athleticism. Won’t be able to handle man coverage against most power 5 deep threats. Solid overall prospect; unlikely to be the guy who wins you the game but has the intangibles to make him a trustworthy #2.