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Scouting Reports on Some of the Latest Commits

Commitment Chandavian Bradley

Commitment Chandavian Bradley


Breaking down some recent commits from the scouting war room.

Chandavian Bradley – Platte County, MO

Committed to Tennessee

Played Jack/OLB and DE in Platte County’s multiple front defense. Very good size and length with good speed and explosiveness. Has all the physical tools necessary to beat tackles as a pass rusher and is good at leveraging himself underneath their pads to break into the pocket. Shows good instincts, does not fall for play action and reads the QB’s body language when in zone coverage. Could struggle to quickly adjust to the skill level of the SEC given his current competition. High floor as either a DE or LB with an extremely high ceiling that could land him as one of the best defenders in the SEC by the end of his career.

​Raylen Wilson – Lincoln, FL

Committed to Georgia

Former Michigan commit and starting MLB and punt returner for Lincoln. Average frame for a linebacker with good speed and explosiveness. Loves coming down to hit people, takes good angles, wraps up and delivers hard hits. Would like to see less stiffness in zone coverage considering his physical gifts are not holding him back in pass coverage. Could end up as an in-the-box safety if UGA wanted him to move positions, but likely they bulk him up and he is a solid MLB for them.

Logan Howland – Hun School, NJ

Committed to Oklahoma

Athletic two-way starter at TE and DE for Hun that projects to OT in college. Has great height and length needed to play tackle with quickness to help pull. Shows very good strength in his initial punch and will create drive in Gap and Zone runs. Thin frame due to the positions he played in HS, will need to add a lot of muscle/weight before getting consistent snaps. Redshirt candidate that should be a 2-3 year starter at OU.

Jayden Wayne – IMG Academy, FL

Committed to Miami

Played DE and WR for Lincoln High School in Takoma, WA before transferring to IMG for his senior year. Has the elite frame needed to be a star at DE in Steele’s 4-man front with Miami. Very good quickness off the LOS, shows the speed needed to get around the edge and chase down runners/the QB, has the necessary bend to get low and run the arc to get around tackles. Needs to work on play strength to be a consistent contributor against the run. Should find himself in the rotation from day 1 and start in year 2.

Whit Weeks – Oconee County, GA

Committed to LSU

Played all 3 LB positions in Oconee’s 4-3 defense. Has good frame and average athletic ability for an SEC linebacker. Better football player than an athlete, shows very good instincts/football IQ in zone coverage to follow QB’s eyes/body language and break on ball along with taking great angles to runners. Smart kid, clear team leader on film with everyone rallying behind him. His versatility will give him plenty of opportunities to find snaps and his development will ultimately determine whether he plays inside or outside. Has great potential as a special teams contributor.

Jaylon Braxton – Lone Star, TX

Committed to Arkansas

Two-way player that also returned punts and kicks. Has below average frame, very good explosiveness and good speed needed to play corner. Great ability to read plays and break into the flat on the ballcarrier and blow up plays behind LOS while maintaining a shutdown corner status in man coverage. Needs to work on technique/form a bit more and is over-reliant on athletic ability in the zone coverage to catch up with receivers rather than maintain his cushion. Has the tools necessary to be an all-conference player one day if he can polish his technique and should be a great return man for the team.

Collins Acheampong – Santa Margarita Catholic, CA

Committed to Michigan

Started at DE as a freshman but has not played HS ball since. Elite frame and athleticism; is physically the complete package of what you want in a DE. Able to use physical dominance at the LOS to win any snap, has the speed to chase down runners, and strength to bring down anyone as a solo tackler. Extremely raw athlete that will need time to develop technique before being a consistent contributor at the college level. Good floor as a rotational guy with an extremely high ceiling if he develops properly.

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Jalen Brown – Gulliver Prep, FL

Committed to LSU

Started all 3 years at receiver for team. Average frame with good speed and elite change of direction. One of the twitchiest kids in the country, has elite stop-and-go ability and footwork to get around defenders with speed necessary to maintain separation. Very few flaws in his game, needs to work on extending route tree and strength at the top of his routes which should come with time in a college program. Should develop into an all-conference receiver and can contribute on special teams if necessary.

Cayden Green – Lee’s Summit North, MO

Committed to Oklahoma

Started at LT for Lee’s Summit North. Good frame, arm length, and wingspan for a tackle. Has very good play strength and is a mauler in the run game, consistently generating drive at the LOS. Can hold his own in pass rush but tends to play high and lose leverage plus slower feet make him a liability against rushers quick off the snap. Has a more natural fit as a guard at the college level but can develop into a serviceable tackle as well; his skillset and versatility should find him in the rotation by year two no matter the position.

Eugene Wilson III – Gaither, FL

Committed to Florida

Two-way player that should play WR at the next level. Below average frame at 5’10 with elite athletic ability. Has the top-end speed necessary to be a star in the SEC with the elite change of direction needed to be a threat in the open-field. Only limitations in his game are his route running which could be crisper and his size which will force him to play inside. Has the potential to be a star, should contribute from day one, and has the physical tools necessary to be a star returner.

Elliot Washington – Venice, FL

Committed to Penn State

Former Alabama commit that rotated between safety and corner for Venice. Average build for a safety with good speed and explosiveness. Defensive thumper that loves to come down and hit ballcarriers and punishes them with big hits on good angles. Ball hawk in zone coverage that punishes QBs for poor throws. Can be beat in the open field by players with better short area quickness but breaks down and follows through with tackles from behind. Excels in the zone and should be a solid safety for Penn State.

Shamurad Umarov – Denmark, GA

Committed to Tennessee

Prototypical tackle with great size and length. Quick off the LOS, creates drive in zone and gap runs, and has great awareness of his body relative to the defenders in pass protection to prevent the pocket from collapsing. Can play high and lose leverage and currently doesn’t have the athleticism most players in the SEC will have. Good at most things and should be a solid tackle for Tennessee but will struggle to be consistent against the better talent common on SEC rosters.

Carlos Wilson – Inderkum, CA

Committed to Utah

Two-way player that played on the line and out of the backfield for Inderkum while contributing on special teams. Average frame with good speed and very good short area quickness. Wins by making kids miss in the open field through speed, footwork, and change of direction. Size is a concern at the next level and route tree appears to be extremely limited. Will be a good gadget player for Utah that can contribute as a target for screens, quick passes, and on end arounds.

Cole Dellinger – Clarkston, MI

Committed to Michigan State

Starting LT at Clarkston that projects to Guard at the next level. Good height and length for a guard with good strength and quick feet. Utilizes his strong hands and length to keep defenders at bay in both run and pass plays while showing the speed and balance necessary to contribute on pull blocks. Would like to see him fill out and tends to stop driving feet when blocking in pass protection. Should be a solid guard at the next level.

Dante Moore – Martin Luther King, MI

Committed to Oregon

Won Division 3 playoffs with Martin Luther King in the 2021 season. Complete package at QB, has good frame, arm strength, and ability to move in the pocket when needed. Has the intangibles wanted at QB with playoff success, success at Elite 11 camps, and clear willingness to be coached at camps. Quick release, very good throwing motion, goes through his progressions and can place the ball in tight spots. No issues with accuracy when throwing across the shoulder or when placing a deep ball. Main knock on his game is that his arm strength could be elevated a bit but is fine for where he is in his career. Would be a starter as a true freshman for many programs.

Peter Woods – Thompson, AL

Committed to Clemson

Played DE, DT, and occasionally stood up as a Jack for Thompson. Good frame and length, elite short area quickness and strength. Near-instant jump off the snap and great strength at the line of scrimmage to bully linemen in pass coverage and gets around them with a full set of pass rush techniques, mainly utilizing the swim move. Excellent motor, runs down defenders from behind, does not quit on plays and wraps up on ballcarriers. Biggest question is his coverage ability if Clemson chooses to stand him up. Should contribute as a pass rush specialist as a freshman and can develop into a top DE in the FBS.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]