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We’ll keep the scouting reports rolling on the latest big commitments across the country.

Jaden Rashada – Pittsburg, CA

Committed to Florida

Elite 11 invitee who flips to Florida after committing to Miami back in June. Very good frame with adequate athleticism overall. Reads the coverage pre-snap and gives audibles to receivers on how to adjust. Maintains composure when the pocket is breaking down and delivers the ball. Good foot quickness, takes half step to avoid oncoming rushers and keeps his eyes downfield. Good footwork, knows how to roll out of the pocket when designed or scrambling while avoiding defenders. Courageous and willing to take a shot downfield. Very good arm strength and has no issue getting the ball downfield. Good short accuracy, hits the receiver in stride with a tight spiral.

Release speed could be quicker, swings through the motion instead of cocking elbow upwards. Stares down his first read assuming he’ll be open based on his coverage read pre-snap. Need to see more precision out of the deep and middle ball, he’s often disrupting the rhythm of the receiver’s route with a shoddily placed ball. Can’t place the ball into tight pockets. Good overall prospect, needs some mechanical work that Florida should be able to easily fix. Think he’s more of a QB you win with than one who wins you games but hard not to be excited about his frame and ability to read.

Jayvant Brown – St. Thomas Aquinas, FL

Committed to Michigan State

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Top LB prospect who gained interest from most eastern P5 schools. Solid frame and length with good speed, explosiveness, and functional strength. Keys the play pre-snap, can see he does his homework on teams before games. Good footwork to avoid blocks completely and good hand power and technique to shed those who can connect their blocks. Takes very good angles to defenders, hits them in stride with full power. Wraps up and brings defenders down with power, doesn’t need to lead with his shoulder to deliver a big hit. Good zone coverage ability due to his fluid hips and ability to keep his head on a swivel and read the entire field. Reads the backfield when blitzing and adjusts his entry based on the play and where the ball is going. Good timing on blitzes to let his DL eat up the blocks. Comes from arguably the historically best program in America, pedigree of his coaching and schools he plays can’t be much better.

Not quite there physically to match up with Big 10 tight ends and should struggle in man coverage. Very good prospect who’s got an incredibly high floor to work with. Not the best at anything right now but his mistakes are minimal, has potential to develop into an all-conference player. Like him best as the weakside backer in a 4-2-5 so the slot can handle man coverage if needed.

Jeremiah McClure – Mater Dei, CA

Committed to UCLA

WR who has offers from most of the Pac-12 and a few other P5 schools. Very good frame with good length, very good speed, and good explosiveness, acceleration, short area quickness, and vertical. Athleticism allows him to create separation before the top of his route and makes him nearly uncoverable on routes with hard cuts. Stems his route to get more separation from the DB and force the safety to react. Tracks the ball over his shoulder well and has soft hands. Willing to put his body on the line for a ball. Team clearly loves him and celebrates his big plays, good locker room guy.

Dances around off the snap too much. Loses his leverage off the line of scrimmage and comes out too high. Would like to see him utilize his length and play more physical through the top of his route. Relies too heavily on his speed after the catch, needs to develop better elusiveness through a juke/spin/etc. move. Good prospect that holds most his value with his ability to take the top off the defense and forces the opposing defense to always gameplan for him. Straight-forward prospect, what you see is what you get that should fit right into UCLA’s offense.