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Scouting the Latest Commits: Brock Glenn, Robert Billings, and More

Scouting Brock Glenn

Scouting Brock Glenn

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’ll keep the scouting reports rolling on the latest big commitments across the country.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]

Monteque Rhames – Sumter, SC

Committed to South Carolina

Scouting Report: Elite height and length, very good strength, and adequate speed and explosiveness. Strong punch off the line with the hand strength and technique to shed. Takes good short angles to the ballcarrier/QB to wrap up and close. Strong player that rocks the ballcarrier whenever he connects. Shows a willingness to use a wide variety of pass rush tools to get to the QB, natural strength makes his bull rush his most effective tool.

Slower player, not going to chase down most ballcarriers from behind. Adequate explosiveness gives weaker tackles chance to go through their set points and leverage themselves before he can fully engage. Should be a good player for SC, looks as if he still has some muscle to fill out which will allow him to fully utilize his frame and be disruptive at the next level.

Brock Glenn – Lausanne Collegiate, TN

Committed to Ohio State

Scouting Report: Elite 11 finalist that led his team to the playoff semifinals in 2021. Good frame and solid athleticism. Quick release and doesn’t need to wind up when throwing deep. Shows poise in the pocket and does not panic if it begins to break down. Mobile in the pocket and able to quickly plant his feet for the throw after moving. Soft touch and has very good accuracy, hits receiver in the numbers across the middle and places ball just out of corner’s radius on the outside. Solid speed allows him to gain a few yards if he’s forced to scramble.

Not showing he knows the rhythm of the offense and receivers occasionally need to slow their stride in the flat or middle zones to adjust to his timing. Would like to see him read the defense before the snap more, currently a reactive thrower instead of a proactive one. Good prospect that lacks the finesse he needs to be a starter at Ohio State, may take a few seasons for him to develop before having the chance to see the field.

Dalton Brooks – Shiner, TX

Committed to Texas A&M

Scouting Report: Two-way player at DB and RB for his small school and is projected to play safety in college. Good frame, length, and speed with very good explosiveness. Shows good mental processing by reading the offense pre-snap and as the play develops. Takes good angles to the runner and wraps up. Shows a willingness to tackle, wants to come down and take runners’ heads off. Patient in deep zone coverage, good ability to lurk and then make a play on the ball. Has good hands thanks to his time on offense and is good for the pick when he’s in position. Athletic enough to turn interceptions into significant gains.

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Not seeing the twitchiness/short area quickness needed to play man coverage and he isn’t going to keep up with top receivers in a foot race. Very good player that projects as a SS/In-the-box safety with his skillset more useful in the zone and against the runner. Another strong pickup in an already loaded TAMU class.

Neeo Avery – Good Counsel, MD

Committed to Ole Miss

Scouting Report: Former PSU commit that started at Edge for a very strong DMV program. Very good frame, good length, and good athleticism. Quick off the LOS with good footwork to avoid tackles and get inside the pocket. Leverages himself against blockers and quickly sheds when he finds the ball carrier. Good bend around the edge to pressure the QB. Has the tools as an athlete to play zone coverage in the flat when needed.

Relies on his athleticism too much. Needs to learn to consistently wrap for the tackle and develop a pass rush kit. Football IQ is a big question mark- defense didn’t run many complex blitz packages or pass rush fronts. Not seeing him read plays pre-snap. Good athletic prospect that will take some time to develop as his college coaches refine the technical aspects of his game.

Robert Billings – Milton, GA

Committed to Clemson

Scouting Report: Starter that gets snaps at Safety and Corner at a good program in Milton. Solid frame and length, good speed, and very good vertical. Good backpedal form, stays low, drives his legs back, and knows when to flip his hips. Remains on his toes in zone coverage and quickly reacts as the play develops. Tracks the ball well and has the short area quickness to lurk and converge on the ball. Gets hands up and routinely knocks the ball down with the occasional interception

Would like to see some more aggression against the run and for him to more consistently wrap up. Solid player for Clemson, his size puts him on the cusp of a take for an elite school but his cover abilities more than make up for it. Likely will be a FS/Slot combo but his coverage skills will allow him to succeed in any defensive formation.

Markee Anderson – Dorman, SC

Committed to South Carolina

Scouting Report: Starting LT for his program but his smaller frame will likely see him move inside at the next level. Solid frame, length, and strength with good speed and short area quickness. Strong initial punch. Good fundamentals, plays low, leverages his body, and drives his block through defenders. Moves well for his size, great potential as a pull guard in Gap concepts and on all Zone concepts. Anchors well as he remains low in pass protection and has good timing on his hands to catch oncoming defenders. Reads oncoming pass rushers well and will pass off and take on defenders as needed.

Strength and size are a concern when he’s not pulling in Gap concepts, SEC-level power rushers will give him some trouble. Not going through his set points in pass protection which allows speed rushers to get right by him. Plays against easier competition and may see some growing pains at the next level. Solid player in many aspects of the game, great player when you need a lineman to move in your run concept or contribute on screens. Will definitely see the field because of his natural hip fluidity but don’t see him developing into a very good to elite level guard.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]