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We’ll keep the scouting reports rolling on the latest big commitments across the country.

Iapani Laloulu – Farrington, HI

Committed to Oregon

IOL prospect with a small known offer list but all from big time schools. Marginal height with good weight, solid wingspan, and very good strength. Strong initial punch to get defenders off-balance. Very good footwork, gets through his set points quickly. Shows good hip flexibility when pulling and twisting his body. Good balance when blocking and remains on his feet when taking defenders out of the play. Knows when to pass off defenders and look for another block at the next level. Good mental processing, keys the defense before the play and reads oncoming blitzers in pass protection.

Measured at 6’ even at a camp last July which is a concerning height for the next level, especially in a conference as strong as the Pac-12. Lacks experience against caliber of players he’ll be playing against at the next level. Takes plays off thinking he can rely on his size which will not be a tool for him at the next level. I can see why he has his offers but too many red flags for me to believe he’ll be a consistent contributor at a playoff contender like Oregon.

Roderick Kearney – Orange Park, FL

Committed to Florida

IOL prospect who recently flipped to Florida after committing to FSU in June. Very good frame with solid length, good lateral quickness and good strength. One of the strongest initial punches I’ve seen, can take people out of plays upon first contact. Plays with leverage. Understands run play design and knows which way to flip his hips to create bigger holes. Very good play strength to generate drive against any type of player using his form and functional strength. Quick through his set points. Patient against pass rush moves and knows the timing to neutralize the spin and swim move. High motor.

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Could use a bit more muscle in his lower body. Needs a bit more straight-line speed to reach his blocks at the second level. Struggles to anchor against stronger opponents. Doesn’t know when to finish off blocks and move on to the next level. Very good pickup for Florida, really like this kid and most his issues get fixed with a college workout regimen.

Cormani McClain – Lakeland, FL

Committed to Miami

Number 2 recruit in the country and top corner according to composite rankings. Elite height with adequate weight, good length, and very good speed, explosiveness, and vertical. Elite footwork and hip mobility to mirror any skill level of receiver through the top of their route. Mirrors through the top of the route and quickly recovers against routes with sharp cuts. Doesn’t let receivers bully him at the top of the route by knocking their hands away. Very good football IQ, can see he knows the opposing team’s plays and will successfully jump routes. Knows when to settle in zones and extend his zone to help his teammates. Plays underneath when there’s a safety overtop of him and trusts his teammates to do their job. Elite ball skills, can turn anything remotely near him into a PBU or interception. Athletic enough to turn interceptions into bigger gains and threaten a touchdown. Willing tackler that has no problem coming down to punish running backs and receivers getting the ball in the flat. Wraps up and can be trusted as a solo tackler in the open field.

Needs to add some weight to be reliable tackling bigger athletes at the next level. May lose some athleticism given how light he is right now if he gains more mass. Program-changing player for Miami, should be getting significant reps year 1 and compete for every accolade available during his career.

Kayden McDonald – Suwanee, GA

Committed to Ohio State

DL prospect with over 35 offers with many coming from P5 schools. Good frame and solid length with good strength. Quick initial punch to knock back the lineman and immediately collapse the line. Good hand placement and technique to shed blocks. Patient over the center and will read what gap he needs to cover instead of over-committing. Elite play strength, excellent tackle form combined with his functional strength makes every hit a punishment for the offense. Versatile pass rush toolkit and can vary his rush to keep linemen guessing. High motor and will run players down from behind.

Hard to tell if he’s reading the offense pre-snap, looks to be a reactive player. Over-reliant on his strength to get around blockers and will need to show more focus in pursuit. Straight-line runner, struggles to bend around the edge and threaten the line using footwork or speed. Versatile player who can be the nose in a 3-4 or the strong side DT in a 4-man front. Very good player who will find his way on the field and be a major contributor to the defense quickly.