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Scouting the Latest Commits: Malik Muhammad, Jamaal Jarrett, and More

Scouting Jamaal Jarrett

Scouting Jamaal Jarrett

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’ll keep the scouting reports rolling on the latest big commitments across the country.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]

Hunter Clegg – American Fork, UT

Committed to Stanford

5-tech DE that should stand up and play Edge/Jack in college. Good frame and explosiveness with solid speed and strength. Quick off the LOS, utilizes his footwork to get around tackles and close on ballcarriers. Can generate pressure and collapse the pocket against weaker players. Wraps up well and shows a great motor; willing to chase down players from anywhere.

Does not have a refined pass rush kit and will need to work on his technique. Played a true DE in HS so not much film in pass coverage but his athleticism and instincts should be fine for covering in the mid to flat zones. Worried he’s as filled out as he’s going to get, not sure how much more muscle he can put on without sacrificing speed. Solid pickup for Stanford, think it’ll take some time for him to refine his technique at the next level but should be a solid contributor in his junior and senior seasons.

Jamaal Jarrett – Grimsley, NC

Committed to UGA

Played NT on a conference-winning team against above-average competition. Elite size and functional strength with good speed and explosiveness. Not going to find many guys his size that move better than he does, complete physical package for what you want at nose. Utilizes his strength at the line of scrimmage to generate drive and knock IOL over while maintaining his leverage. Utilizes his length against double teams to keep blockers off him, shed with his strength, and wrap up on the ballcarrier. Can command triple teams before being neutralized against the run.

Uses a good bullrush to collapse the pocket against the pass and will get his hands up in the air to deflect the ball if he can’t close on the QB. Goes for the forced fumble when joining in on a tackle. Doesn’t break through against double teams as he relies on his physical gifts when rushing, needs to refine his hand technique. Not much this guy needs to work on, I think he’ll be an elite player at the second level.

Beni Ngoyi – Lincoln, NE

Committed to Iowa State

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Two-way starter at WR and CB, should play WR in college. Very good size, good wingspan, solid weight, and overall good athleticism. Good footwork at the line combined with good strength to break off the press, maintains strength through the top of his routes and is not slowed by contact. Tracks ball well and understands when to adjust his speed to catch the ball in rhythm. Stems routes when needed and uses his athleticism to gain separation instead of just relying on his height. Soft hands, catches through traffic, and uses his strength to run through guys in the open field.

Willing blocker with strong hands and good technique, puts effort in even on off-ball plays. Needs to run crisper routes and learn to high point the ball. Not the best top-end speed so his YAC production will be limited. Needs to fill out his body a decent amount, looks like he could easily add another 20 lbs of muscle minimum. Like this guy a lot, you can tell how much he loves the game on film and will do anything to help the team. Has the tools to play TE if Iowa State chooses to develop him that way. Should be a good contributor to the team either way, off-field development his freshman season will be key to how good he gets.

Trey Wilson – Lakeview Centennial, TX

Committed to Baylor

Starts at DE in his high school’s base 4-3 defense. Good frame, very good explosiveness with solid speed and strength. Explosive out of the 3 and 4-point stance with a quick initial punch. Sets the edge well and will force runner back inside. Good pursuit, wraps up well, and hits hard. Good hip flexibility and shows good bend when attempting to rush from the edge of the pocket. Great sense of when the ball is coming, will put hands up if not close to QB and will go for a hit on the arm if barely out of range.

Aggressive player overall, shows good competitive toughness. Does not generate any drive when being blocked by tackles with solid strength. Lacks a pass rush kit, would like to see him attempt anything other than running the arc or staying at the LOS. Feet stop moving far too often regardless of if he’s engaged in a block or not. Most of his production came from missed blocks or QB holding ball too long. Good kit to start with but is a developmental prospect. Going to be some time before he sees the field in a consistent manner.

Malik Muhammed – South Oak Cliff, TX

Committed to Texas

Corner with two cousins that played at Oklahoma State with another cousin committed to SMU. Solid frame, very good speed, explosiveness, and short area quickness with a good vertical. Strong, quick hands to shed blocks and execute presses well. Good backpedal form, stays low and knows when to flip his hips. Knows when to pass people off in zone coverage. Remains physical in coverage and uses his hands to slow down receivers. Sticky in man coverage, has the speed to recover against routes with sharp cuts and doesn’t need to jump routes. Good hands, will catch most passes thrown into coverage. Great athlete in the open field, utilizes his speed and footwork to turn interceptions into even bigger plays.

Willing to come down and tackle runners out of the backfield on outside runs. Lack of a long frame means taller receivers will high point some balls over him. Complete prospect that is the type of player you trust in single coverage against the opponent’s top receiver. High chance to be an elite corner, would be a day 1 starter for plenty of FBS schools.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]