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Scouting the Latest Commits: Richard Young, Aidan Mizell, and More

Scouting Richard Young

Scouting Richard Young

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’ll keep the scouting reports rolling on the latest big commitments across the country.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Aidan Mizell – Boone, FL

Committed to Florida

Scouting Report: Starting receiver for a school that plays in a strong division. Very good height and wingspan, with good speed, explosiveness, and vertical. Quick first step to create separation off the snap and the speed to maintain the separation through his route. Elusive in the open field, can make the slight adjustments needed to make people miss if they don’t wrap up. Has a good juke and spin move. Really understands the rhythm of his offense and clicks with his QB. Wiry frame and needs to put on a decent bit of muscle.

Faster player out of pads than in them, some muscle could help increase his play speed. Lack of strength comes through in the open field, not going to truck through a corner that wraps up on him. Needs to run crisper routes. Adequate hands, tends to juggle the ball and goes for one-handed catches unnecessarily. Solid pickup, think he’ll develop into a good Z receiver that can contribute as a deep threat on screens or short passes.

Tyree Adams – St. Augustine, LA

Committed to LSU

Scouting Report: Starting RT for his HS in a college-friendly offense. Good frame and length, very good strength, and good balance. Strong first punch to knock defenders off-balance. Plays low with great hand placement to leverage himself even against stronger players. Creates drive in Gap and Zone concepts with good lateral movement to execute angled blocks in Zone. Very good ability to anchor in pass protection. Good technique against spin and swim moves to neutralize the rush. Slow off the LOS.

Reactive player; would like to see him read the defense pre-snap instead of reacting to their rush/blitz. Not playing the best competition and will be interesting to see how he handles faster players on the edge. May have some growing pains in the SEC at first but a reliable tackle who rarely loses snaps, should be a solid to good player for LSU.

Richard Young – Lehigh Senior, FL

Committed to Alabama

Scouting Report: Starting RB for his program that has been in the rotation since his freshman year. Good frame with good speed, elite balance, good strength, and very good explosiveness. Good vision out of the backfield to find the open hole. Patient and lets the play develop before kicking on his second gear. Can get skinny between the tackles and has the strength to run through defenders. Good speed and elusiveness to make defenders miss at the second level. Takes what he can get instead of trying for the home run play every time. About as complete of a running back you can ask for in high school, should be an elite player at the next level for Alabama.

Jamarious Brown – Moss Point, MS

Committed to Ole Miss

Scouting Report: Two-way player at TE and DE/Edge that will play defense in college. Very good frame and strength with solid speed and explosiveness. Fast and strong initial punch. Plays low and keeps leverage. Locates and wraps up on the ballcarrier. Extremely physical player that likes to take people’s heads off when tackling. Good bullrush to disrupt the pocket against the pass.

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Wish he had a bit more twitch and speed to be effective in coverage as an Edge/Jack. Like him better out of the 3-point stance as a true DE. Could fill out a lot more and play inside if he wanted. Disruptive force that will find a way on the field no matter where he is. Solid pickup for Ole Miss.

Jordan Castell – West Orange, FL

Committed to Florida

Scouting Report: DB that mostly took snaps at corner in 2021, projected to play safety in college. Very good frame with good speed and short area quickness. Good pre-snap recognition of plays and adjusts himself and his defense as needed. Physical player at the line that will do a quick punch to slow receivers down. Good backpedal form and knows when to flip his hips. Fast enough to maintain sticky coverage in man. Tracks the ball well and puts himself in a position to make a play on the ball.

Wraps up and tackles hard; able to take down receivers that are stronger than him. Takes good angles and reads the play to put himself in position to tackle on the outside. Really like how much Man his defense runs in high school, should help him adjust quickly to the next level. Likely will play single-high and a flex Safety/Nickel position for the defense. Great signing.

Anthony Hill – Ryan, TX

Committed to Texas A&M

Scouting Report: Good frame and speed with very good explosiveness and strength. Strong hands, leverages himself against blockers and quickly sheds to close on the ballcarrier. Takes good angles and attempts to strip the ball when the ballcarrier is already being tackled. Reads plays pre-snap and continues to read the QB in coverage as the play develops. Good timing on blitzes and can get skinny between linemen. Good footwork to get around tackles and shows very good ability to bend.

Can add a bit more mass to his lower body. Goes for the big hit instead of wrapping up, stronger and elusive ballcarriers can get around him. A nearly complete player that can play any LB position. A natural athlete with great football IQ that should be an elite player at the next level.

Andy Jean – Northwestern, FL

Committed to Florida

Scouting Report: Former Miami commit that quickly became a contributor for Northwestern. Good frame with very good athleticism across the board. Quick feet to create separation off the line and at the top of his routes. Tracks the ball well and has a complete catch radius. Soft hands and can reel in inaccurate throws. Keeps his feet inbounds making catches near the sideline. Very good elusiveness due to his quick feet, spin move, and juke move.

Needs to work on his blocking technique. Not strong enough to run through anyone with good or better strength or tackling form. Is the stereotypical deep-threat archetype at receiver; may not be the best receiver on the team but will definitely bring value to 3+ receiver sets. Solid get by Florida.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]