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Scouting the Latest Power 5 Commitments

Scouting Jelani Thurman

Scouting Jelani Thurman

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We'll keep the scouting reports rolling on the latest big commitments across the country.

Jelani Thurman – Langston Hughes, GA

Committed to Ohio State

Scouting Report: Starting TE in one of the better divisions in high school football. Elite height, would like to see him fill out a bit more, good explosiveness, solid top-end speed and strength combination. Great catch radius, really understands how to use his height to his advantage, tracks the ball well and settles into pockets against the zone. Uses his strength to run through tacklers in the open field. A willing blocker. Needs to add some weight to be a true TE, strength is sometimes an issue when blocking. Not a fast guy, limited big-play potential. Needs to add some more finesse to his game in route-running and blocking technique. Projects as a good starter, floor as the 2nd TE for the team but can see him easily stepping into the starting role as he improves his build and increases his strength.

Justice Haynes – Buford, GA

Committed to Alabama

Scouting Report: Starting RB that has seen immense development since his freshman year. Adequate frame, good speed, and very good explosiveness. Great vision, really understands blocking concepts in the zone and knows when to attack a hole vs bounce it outside. Has good hands and runs routes well. Dangerous in the open field where he can utilize his speed and footwork to make tacklers miss and make big plays. Smaller frame and adequate strength make it hard for him to run up the middle. Not a great blocker, but that is typical for HS backs. Like him as a receiving RB but not sure he has the physical tools to be a 3-down back especially in gap concepts. Good rotational guy that will contribute early on passing downs.

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Krystian Williams – Collegiate, VA

Committed to Virginia Tech

Scouting Report: Played WR and Safety for Collegiate, picked up many ACC and a few B1G offers as a WR. Good frame and speed with very good short area quickness. Gets separation as a deep threat using his speed, stems his routes when the CB is giving cushion, and utilizes his footwork on breaks. Tracks ball well and will adjust speed to hit the pass in rhythm. Good tools in the open field including a strong stiff arm and quick juke moves to make defenders miss. Needs to work on his handwork against the press, gets slowed by corners making contact at the top of his routes, and struggles to catch through contact. Does a lot right but not the best at anything. Good pickup for Tech, skillset gives him a floor as a 2nd option with potential development to be a solid 1st option.

Rico Walker – Hickory, NC

Committed to UNC

Scouting Report: Played Edge and OLB for Hickory in their 3-4 and 4-3 packages. Very good frame and functional strength with solid speed. Quick off the ball, very strong initial punch to knock blockers back, and has the strength and form to bring tacklers down even from behind. Uses his strength to disrupt the pocket even if he is unable to get off the block. Leverages his length and strength with a good bull rush against the pass. Strong enough to secure tackles even when trying to force a fumble. Needs to take better angles to the ball carrier. Not the best feet and most RBs can get around him with their own footwork. Not fast enough and doesn’t shuffle well enough to play mid to deep zones in coverage. Will likely be a 5 and 7-tech DE which is a more natural position for him. Really good pickup for the Tarheels; he should get in the rotation early and often and develop into a stud.

Tackett Curtis – Many, LA

Committed to USC

Scouting Report: Played LB/S combo in Many’s 4-3 defense that should move to ILB full-time in college. Good frame, very good strength, adequate to solid athleticism otherwise. Old-school bruiser that loves to come down and light people up. Has the strength to make a big hit every play and shows good fundamentals wrapping up and driving through the tackle. Utilizes his mental processing to take good angles and read plays pre-snap to prevent better athletes from getting around him. Good body fluidity when asked to cover. Smart kid that can lead a defense. Level of competition and flex position in high school are areas of concern for his development. Not quick enough to maintain man coverage against most P5 receivers and TEs, will need to stay inside as a backer. Like this kid but he is a bit of a wildcard developmentally. If he’s as smart and disciplined as reported, he should be an all-conference backer.

Joe Crocker – Franklin Road, TN

Committed to Mississippi State

Scouting Report: Starting RT for Franklin Road. Very good height, weight, and wingspan; solid speed/footwork. Turns his hips and body well in zone and pass blocking sets, able to mirror most guys well. Solid strength on his initial punch and can jolt some guys back. Best when blocking on an angle, shows great awareness of his length and uses it to leverage himself under defenders’ pads and knock them over. Handles speed rushers well given this combined with his solid footwork and speed for his size. Contributes well on screen plays due to aforementioned skills. Hands off guys well and re-evaluates where he needs to block. Slow off the snap and finds himself catching up to defenders. Needs better strength in his lower body to anchor better and generate drive at the LOS, power rushers give him trouble. Lacks some natural bend and better athletes get better leverage on him. Solid pickup for Mississippi State, really valuable in zone runs and a college lifting program should really help his ability to anchor and contribute in gap concepts.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]