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Scouting the Latest Verbal Commits

Scouting Commits Kahlil Tate

Scouting Commits Kahlil Tate

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Scouting reports on the latest commitments from across the country.

Enow Etta – Covenant Christian Academy, TX

Committed to Michigan

Played DE and occasionally came out as an edge rusher in a 2-point stance for his high school; projects as a 5-tech in college. Physically imposing guy that has the mass in the lower body you want to see with a good wingspan and strength to match. At his best when used as a power rusher, uses his lower body strength and good initial punch to set the edge against the run and dissolve the pocket against the pass. Would like to see more bend in his lower body, he often plays upright and loses his leverage. Needs to refine his technique, struggles to shed blocks if his initial punch does not knock the blocker back and shows a limited pass-rush kit. His toolkit makes him a high variance player but given his physical tools if he can put it all together he will be a star for Michigan.

Raul Aguirre – Whitewater, GA

Committed to Miami

Played every LB position for Whitewater. Good height, solid build/athleticism otherwise. Very good in pass coverage, wins in Zone with his very good football IQ to follow QB’s eyes, know when to pass off receivers, and break on the ball. Shows ability to mirror in man coverage and challenges the QB to pass it outside. Smashmouth player, loves to break on the ball and hit people while taking good angles to the ballcarrier. Biggest issue is his athleticism, needs to hit the weight room hard if he plans to play ILB as reported. Clearly knows the game, will succeed at any LB position but like him best on the weak side where he can utilize his pass protection skills. Work off the field will determine his ceiling but a great pickup that will contribute early.

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Kaleb Jackson – Liberty Magnet, LA

Committed to LSU

RB that occasionally lines up in the slot and saw a ton of usage in RPOs and options. Solid frame, very good speed and explosiveness, elite short area quickness. Extremely quick runner who dominates in the open field with his footwork and speed to make defenders miss. Isn’t afraid to take a hit when necessary and will truck through guys when he can’t get around them. Experience with RPOs and option plays imply he has the football IQ needed for the next level. Would like to see his vision improve, will routinely cause short gains to become short losses as he looks for the home run instead of taking the easy yardage. Very high ceiling, some athleticism may not translate to the next level but reminds me of Doug Martin with better measurables.

Kahlil Tate – Kenwood Academy, IL

Committed to Iowa

Played CB, Safety, and WR for Kenwood, projects as a Safety/Nickel hybrid that plays in the box. Solid athleticism and frame. Very good ability to read the offense, knows when to move across the field and takes the angles necessary to make a play on the ball. Loves to make big hits and still wraps up to ensure he’s not taking a gamble. Good ability to cover in the flat and deep zones because of his instincts. Athleticism isn’t quite there to consistently cover in the man and in the intermediate zones, those with good footwork can break at the top of their routes to get separation if he doesn’t jump the route. Shows a ton of potential as a hybrid box safety and has a solid floor, his intangibles may make him invaluable to the defense.

Daylan Smothers – West Charlotte, NC

Committed to Oklahoma

Played first 3 years at Julius Chambers where he was their top weapon. Versatile back that was used out of the shotgun, pistol, and as a slot receiver. Good frame, very good athleticism due to good speed and very good explosiveness. Has some of the best balance and body control you’ll find out of a HS back. Very good vision and good quick steps to make defenders miss early, good spin move and elusiveness in the open field to finish plays. Not afraid to run through defenders up the middle. Lacks the strength to truck people over, will rarely turn a run up the middle into a big play. Need to see him block better in pass coverage. Very good RB with a high ceiling, will be a good starter for Oklahoma.

Tony Rojas – Fairfax, VA

Committed to Penn State

Played RB, DE, and LB for Fairfax, best projects as an Edge/strong side LB. Good frame, very good speed, solid explosiveness, and good strength. Able to leverage himself against tackles, get skinny between blockers, and bend around the edge to attack the QB and ballcarrier. Extremely smart player that sets the edge well, takes very good angles, and makes good pre-snap reads to attack the play. Little film of him in pass coverage outside of attacking the flat against screens, will likely need to take time to develop his pass coverage skills. High floor player that shouldn’t be waiting long to contribute at the next level.

Curley Reed – Lake Charles College Prep, LA

Committed to Washington

Long corner that started as a sophomore. Very good frame and is filled out to match his height. Solid athleticism across the board. Extremely physical corner, very good tackler with good reads on the QB out of the zone. Physical and strong in coverage through the top of routes and stays tight to the receiver while tracking the ball. Good hands to punish throws into coverage. Adequate speed and agility prevent him from staying in man coverage out of the press if the receiver can match his strength or the route goes into the deep parts of the field. Skillset may see him transition to a box safety or the strong safety in a 2-safety set. Overall, a solid football player that will contribute at the second level but may take some time to adjust to the pass-heavy PAC-12.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]