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We’ll keep the scouting reports rolling on top prospects from across the country.

Jaylen Harvey – Edge

Gaithersburg, MD (Quince Orchard)

Edge prospect that shows good speed and very good explosiveness. He explodes through the OL with a very good first step and has good ability to shed blocks quickly to make plays in the backfield. He has good strength and is able to overpower the OL and solid lean when coming off the edge. He has very good play reaction and is able to identify screens, good COD to get across the field to make the play. He crashes down the line well when the play is being run away from him and is able to make the play from behind with aggressive pursuit angles.

He tends to drop to his knees and dive at ball carriers when making tackles in the open field which has caused him to miss tackles on more athletic offensive players. Good overall prospect who's skillset meshes well with the typical Big 10 defense, his explosiveness and speed should help him make big plays at the next level. Should be a solid #2 option you can trust due to his knowledge of the game but needs to develop physically to be a top guy. He should find himself in the rotation immediately and develop into a every down player quickly with college coaching and training.

Tyseer Denmark - WR

Philadelphia, PA (Roman Catholic)

WR prospect that has good speed and explosiveness. He is a smart player that quickly identifies coverages and sits down in the open spaces in zone coverage. He gets a very good release off the line of scrimmage and stems his routes well. Creates separation with speed at the top of his routes. He has very good hands; he tracks the ball well, has solid concentration, and has the courage to make catches through contact when working in the middle of the field. He has very good body control and is able to stay in bounds when working along the sideline and adjusting to poorly thrown balls. He has very good YAC ability turning up field quickly, eludes defenders well and is willing to go throw a defender if needed.

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He can be a key contributor on special teams showing good ability to avoid tacklers in space. He has shown versatility and can work out of multiple positions being the teams wildcat QB and being used as an RB in goal-line situations. Good overall prospect who's skillset translates well to any offense, his speed and YAC ability should help him make big plays at the next level. Should find himself in the rotation immediately and quickly develop into a Biletnikoff award finalist.

Bryce West – CB

Cleveland, OH (Glenville)

Defensive back prospect that shows elite speed and will consistently put himself in good position to make plays. He shows good ability to backpedal and maintain positioning on the WR. He is a smart player with very good instincts as he quickly identifies the route of the WR and positions himself well to make a play on the WR. Effective in both man and zone situations. Consistent and willing tackler that will come down and support in the run game. He has good hands and can make plays on the ball. When he does generate turnovers, he is explosive and is a threat to score from anywhere.

He is a good tackler in the open field and should be an immediate contributor on special teams with the opportunity to develop into a top DB. Good overall prospect who's skillset translates well to a Big 10 defense thanks to his physical playstyle. Should find himself in the rotation immediately and develop into a reliable starting DB with college coaching and training. He has the upside that he could develop into a Jim Thorpe award finalist.

Ben Roebuck – OT

Lakewood, OH (St. Edward)

OT prospect that shows solid speed and very good strength. He has a good stance and a quick first step that allows him to get into the defensive players body before they get into the gap. He has good hand placement and is aggressive through contact finishing his assignment to the ground. Good at getting to the second level and getting contact on smaller defenders. Gets to his spot in pass protection, has a solid anchor, and sets the pocket well for the QB.

He is a good prospect that’s skillset translates well into the run heavy physical style of a Big 10 offenses. Should take him a season to develop more as a pass blocker. Should find himself in the rotation quickly and develop into a reliable starting OT. He has the upside and the tools to develop into a corner stone of an offensive line unit and can finish as a Joe Moore award finalist.