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The Inside Scoop on 2023 Wake Forest RB Commit Drew Pickett

Drew Pickett

Drew Pickett is a 5'10 185 pound RB from Russell county High school in Deatsville, Alabama who recently committed to Wake Forest. Pickett has been highly productive, racking up over 2,800 yards and 24 touchdowns so far in his high school career. He played his first two seasons at Holtville, before transferring to Russell County. During the recruiting process, Pickett had no less than 20 offers but ultimately chose Wake Forest over programs like Arkansas, Georgia Tech, and Miami.

"What I like most about Wake Forest is how I fit into their system. They have a different offense compared to most schools, I just feel like that offense is one I could succeed the most."

It's not a surprise to Drew's father, former Alabama DB Darryl Pickett, that he has committed himself to athletics. A hard-working, down-to-earth young man, sports have always been second nature to Drew. As his father explains, the love for sports has been there since day one.

"He was always active growing up, he was always doing something. Things started off for Drew in team sports with Tee ball at the Y. He was exposed to some little league programs and still had interest when he was of age to play. He was always playing ball in the backyard with his friends as kids do. We knew that interest was there very early."

Drew and his father have a close relationship. He expressed appreciation for the things his father has done for him that have helped him prepare for not just this moment but life in general.

"My dad has been preparing me since I was young. Maybe since I was born, everything I have done was to get to this point. He has done such a good job at preparing me for this."

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The elder Pickett expressed how proud he was of his son's dedication and hard work.

"I am extremely proud of Drew. There is a lot of rigor and a lot of sacrifices. A lot of time has to be spent training or practicing. We always supported his efforts, and he chose to put in that work on his own. Hey dad can we go throw the ball? Hey dad can we go to the gym? Drew is a humble kid regardless of what activities he does whether its sports or school work he competes. He has a great work ethic. Picking Drew up from school, I'll ask him 'what do you have for homework?' But he's already done it. As a parent he has made us proud, he has not been a difficult child in any aspect. You only have to tell him something one time. Him being humble and his work ethic are his greatest strengths."

There are no shortcuts to success, and Drew Pickett is familiar with what it's like to grind and be a self-motivated individual to accomplish goals and dreams. As is often the case with many division one athletes. Both Drew and his father were impressed by Wake Forest and their staff.

"The staff is very welcoming and makes you feel right at home. They were nice to us the parents, and the atmosphere was really good. Coach Hunter of course was a key figure in Drew's recruitment and made sure he and I communicate quite a bit. That was a really great selling point for me because you know you want your child to be somewhere where the coach or whom ever makes you feel like they're part of the family. That's the vibe we got about Wake Forest, and we felt good about the experience. You feel that way in person, and over the phone. It's a smaller school and setting and the family aspect meant a lot."

Pickett prides himself as someone who handles his business off the field while working his tail off on it. As the son of someone who went through the grind of college football, he know what kind of attitude he needs to have to be successful, and the sacrifices that are necessary to succeed that that level. But with that being said, he's confident in what he can do to help take the Demon Deacons to the next level.

Pickett is the kind of player coaches dream of having, he has a can-do attitude and he is responsible. He handles all of his business off the field and works his tail off to perform on the field. As a player, he will give you everything he has, and more. He expressed the type of player Wake Forest is getting in him.

"I feel like I am a running back who can do it all. whatever aspect of the game you need me to be a part of I can do it. I run through, I can jump over. I can do it all. Just a well-balanced back that can it all."

Drew likes where he fits in the Wake Forest scheme. He feels the staff will utilize all of his many talents, as a pass catcher runner, and as a blocker. Drew comes off as a well-rounded young man who will represent your school with class both on and off the field. From humble beginnings in a small town in Alabama, heading to play major college football in tiny Winston Salem, NC. But there is nothing tiny about Drew Pickett and his hard-working demeanor. There will be many life successes for Drew along the way, whether that future takes him to the NFL or not. Wake Forest got a good one.