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The inside scoop on Liberty QB commit Reese Mooney

Reese Mooney

Reese Mooney is listed at 6-foot 1-inch tall and 200 pounds and is playing his high school football at Denham Springs in Louisiana. Mooney is committed to playing for Liberty and is a three-star prospect in the 2023 recruiting class.

That being said, Reese Mooney is not your average three-star quarterback prospect; he had over 30 FBS offers and over a dozen from the power five. His tape shows a guy who is likely underrated as a prospect, and his junior season being cut short due to injury likely plays a big reason as to why that is the case.

So why would a player with so many offers from multiple SEC schools (committed initially to play for Vanderbilt) choose to go to Liberty?

"I chose Liberty because I have always wanted to play for coach Freeze. If he ever ends up leaving I will follow him. Though that's not going to be the case.  I want to stay at Liberty and make a difference, keep the cycle going as this program is on the rise. This place has everything I need from a facilities standpoint, and an education wise. So why not Liberty? Coach Freeze is a great offensive mind and I have always admired the offenses he has ran. He also has told me he has all of what he wants there at Liberty so I truthfully do not think he is leaving."

Reese Mooney missed a good portion of his junior season with an injury and, as such, is itching to get back onto the football field:

"I am looking to just bounce back from last year. It kind of sucked getting injured, but I persevered. I worked hard, trying my best to get back on the field as early as I could. That ultimately didn't happen because I had to get surgery. It was a long recovery, but its going to be a sweet one too, because I get to go back and play with my boys. We have been together since the 5th grade, we will have some fun and our ultimate goal is to win the state championship."

Right now, the only thing on Mooney's mind is winning a Louisiana state title as a senior. He lets his work and play do the talking. I asked him about how he felt not getting offers and looks from in-state LSU, and he informed me it was not something he thought about. Confidently he declared:

"One day when I am drafted, those schools will wish they had recruited me harder. But Alabama. LSU, Georgia those schools have their guys, and that's good for them. I have to worry about me, and I can get drafted anywhere."

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Reese had some opportunities after he de-committed from Vanderbilt; among the strongest suitors were West Virginia and Miami (FL), and the school he almost chose over Liberty was Wisconsin. But he had some reservations about playing for the Badgers.

"They [Wisconsin] started hitting me up after I de-commited from Vandy.  You know, that's pretty pro style offense they run out there, you know? But I just did not end up thinking that was the best spot for me. It's too cold up there, I am more of a southern guy!" He said bursting out laughing

A few weeks ago, Reese attended The Big 40 QB camp, where he took home MVP honors for his classification:

"It was pretty cool they had some high school guys and some JUCO guys out there. In total I believe it was 48 QBs, and they gave out four awards at the end '25 MVP. '24 MVP, '23 MVP and an overall camp MVP. I got the award for the '23 MVP. I had a lot of fun, just kind of seeing where I'm at compared to cats from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and a few other states."

Mooney has had a great support system, though he has had to make tough, mature decisions at a young age. His mother and father separated when he was young, and initially, he went to stay with his mother and his siblings. But after a while, he felt staying with his dad would be a better place for him and his opportunities when it came to football, so he made the tough choice to move from Mississippi to Louisiana to live with his dad and stepmom.

From talking with him, it is clear that he is wise beyond his years, and making that decision at such a young age must have been difficult. He credits his mother for allowing him to make a choice and is thankful for her, his father, and his stepmother, noting that without them, he could not be where he is now. Each of them has been his hero in his life, and they have all been there for him throughout his life.

So how does Reese describe himself?

"I am pretty good at Madden, Im just a jokester according to my teammates. But once its time for business you know were ready. But yeah I have a bit of a fun and joking personality. Not gonna lie though not sure my coach knows that! He is a big dude and intimates me a bit. " Mooney says with a smirk. " You know he played college football and all that, so I am a bit more straight laced around him. Outside of football I am a bit of a class clown, joking around all the time and get along well with most everybody."

Every QB that plays at a high level has a QB they like to model their game after. Reese pointed out how much he enjoys watching Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. He marvels at some of the off-platform stuff he can do but also loves watching Tom Brady. Reese is quick to point out that Brady's efficiency and decision-making skills are something that makes him so special to watch. He continues to get big compliments at home as a lot of people he says compare his game to Joe Burrow. Quite the compliment from people in that region of the country.

"I feel I can kind of model my game after his because he is kind of a three-star like me, and kind of an underdog like me. I just have to have that mentality like he has."