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As a reminder, prospects are ranked based on in which order I think they will be picked, but it will be highlighted what are my thoughts on them. You can find previous rankings for the 2023 draft class here:

1. Will Anderson Jr., Alabama

6’4”, 245 lbs., Junior

Considered by most the undisputed best overall prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft, Will Anderson Jr. brings to the table everything needed in a potential star edge rusher. The Alabama standout is very athletic and displays high level football IQ as well as elite technical refinement, especially with the use of his hands in pass rush. 

Although he may not possesses great size and needs to improve his tackling technique, Will Anderson is a reliable run defender who possesses top-tier upside in getting to the quarterback. He basically lives in the opposing backfields and he’s a consistent playmaker and game-changer. I expect him to be a top-3 pick next April, as he can become one of the best players at his position in the NFL

Personal ranking: #1

2. Myles Murphy, Clemson

6’5”, 275 lbs., Junior

Despite Will Anderson Jr. usually getting talked about as a prospect in a tier of its own, I actually believe that Myles Murphy is not that far behind him. Murphy has great size and tremendous power while also being a refined run defender and great pass rusher. Throughout his career, Murphy has been less consistent than Anderson, but in 2022, he has finally been able to put his tools together and play at a high level on a weekly basis. Murphy possesses every tool needed in order to become a superstar NFL edge rusher. I expect him to be a top-10 pick next April. He’s the complete package at the position.

Personal ranking: #2

3. Nolan Smith, Georgia

6’3”, 237 lbs., Senior

Although his 2022 season has already come to an end because of a pec injury, I still expect Nolan Smith to be selected quite high on day 1 of the draft. Despite being a bit undersized, Smith is a very refined prospect who possesses elite athleticism and explosiveness. The Georgia former 5-star recruit is an outstanding run defender who hasn’t been able to reach his ceiling as a pass rusher. Smith’s upside is quite high and he has all the tools to unlock his full repertoire once he joins an NFL team.

Personal ranking: #3

4. Tyree Wilson, Texas Tech

6’6”, 270 lbs., Redshirt senior

Probably the biggest riser thus far in the 2023 draft class, Tyree Wilson could now easily end up as a first-round pick. The Red Raiders' edge rusher has improved a lot throughout his college career as he possesses exceptional raw tools such as athleticism, power, and strength at the point of attack, as well as a very good first step. Despite he has to refine his arsenal a little bit as a pass rusher he still has the potential to be a productive NFL player.

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Personal ranking: #7

5. Isaiah Foskey, Notre Dame

6’5”, 260 lbs., Redshirt junior

A powerful and athletic pass rusher, Foskey is another prospect who I expect to be selected in the first round. Foskey has made tremendous leaps forward from a technical standpoint since his first season as a starter and brings to the table an exceptional combination of power and athleticism. He has everything needed in order to become an impact player at the next level.

Personal ranking: #4

6. B.J. Ojulari, LSU

6’3”, 250 lbs., Junior

When watching Ojulari’s tape during the summer, I noticed intriguing physical tools, but at the same time, an extremely raw pass rusher. During this 2022 campaign, Ojulari has displayed serious development in that area, as he now sports a significantly more advanced pass rush arsenal. Despite that, he still has to improve as a run defender to be an impact player at the next level.I expect him to be a borderline first-round pick.

Personal ranking: #9

7. Jared Verse, Florida State

6’4”, 251 lbs., Redshirt junior

Verse has been a big-time riser this season as a very productive and explosive pass rusher. The Seminoles defensive superstar is dangerous both when trying to rely on his pure speed, power and his hand usage, technical refinement. Verse has to improve as a tackler, especially from a consistency standpoint but I expect him to be an early round 2 pick with solid upside.

Personal ranking: #10

Aug 27, 2022; Tallahassee, Florida, USA; Florida State Seminoles defensive end Jared Verse (5) lines up against Duquesne Dukes offensive lineman Chris Oliver (59) during the first half at Doak S. Campbell Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Aug 27, 2022; Tallahassee, Florida, USA; Florida State Seminoles defensive end Jared Verse (5) lines up against Duquesne Dukes offensive lineman Chris Oliver (59) during the first half at Doak S. Campbell Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

8. Zach Harrison, Ohio State

6’6”, 266 lbs., Senior

Since his first year as a starter for the Buckeyes, Harrison has always displayed high-caliber flashes but he hasn’t been able yet to put all of his tools together and have a monster season. Harrison is a very solid run defender who has tremendous upside as a pass rusher given his length, explosiveness, and power at the point of attack. I’m expecting to see a team make a move for him early in round 2 as he can develop into an impact starter.

Personal ranking: #5

9. Felix Anudike-Uzomah, Kansas State

6’4”, 253 lbs., Junior

Despite being a bit raw technically, Anudike-Uzomah possesses all the tools needed to turn into a star at the position. He’s a powerful and athletic pass rusher and a solid run defender with great instincts and a high football IQ. However, he still has to improve technically and expand his arsenal of pass rush moves as he relies a lot on his raw tools, I expect him to be an early round 2 pick.

Personal ranking: #8

10. Lukas Van Ness, Iowa

6’5”, 264 lbs., Redshirt sophomore

A very quiet yet solid overall prospect who doesn’t necessarily have elite upside but still has a very high floor. Van Ness is an exceptional run defender who’s also already refined as a pass rusher, where he mainly wins by taking advantage of his hand usage and power. He can be a productive NFL edge rusher for a long time and I expect him to be selected early on day 2.

Personal ranking: #11

*Auburn’s Derick Hall II is my #6 ranked edge rusher.